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Dear Friends and Supporters, we are excited to bring you several pieces of good news this month: the rescue of 74 pangolins at Thanh Hoa province, 15 pangolins near the border with Laos and an orphan baby pangolin in Quang Nam; the finishing of Valuing nature in Childhood Program; the formation of the Anti-Poaching Team at Pu Mat National Park; the presentation of Owston's Civer at EAZA Conservation Conference and more…


Donate to help 114 pangolins currently in our centre

New 74 pangolins were rescued by our Rapid Respond Team yesterday, which brings total of 114 pangolins are in our centre at the moment. We have separated them into 2 quarantine areas, one for all new pangolins, and another for all old pangolins, which are far away from each other. It requires 34.2kg of ants every days, which costs us 300USD/day to feed those pangolins. We need your contribution to help those pangolins.

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Rescued 15 pangolins near the border with Laos

On 30th April 2018, SVW received news about 15 pangolins, confiscated near the border with Laos. SVW contacted the ranger station there and quickly went to the site to rescue these pangolins. After 5 days when Rapid Response Team took car for the animals in the boxes at ranger stations, the pangolins arrived safely at our rescue centre. They are now taken care by our veterinarians and keepers.  

Great news, all 15 pangolins are eating well and they are now in good condition.

An orphan baby pangolin was rescued

On 5th May 2018, a man contacted SVW and claimed that he had rescued an orphan baby pangolin. SVW immediately rushed to the man’s house to rescue the baby. The baby pangolin was tiny and weak, only about 200 grams and incapable of opening its eyes.

The vet team made a great effort to take care of her. After one month, she was weaned and started eating ant eggs. She is now over 500 grams and can climb on low branches.

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Education and outreach activities

Valuing Nature in Childhood Program successfully ended the second school year.

Our Education Outreach team had successfully finished the second year of the Valuing Nature in Childhood Program. For the last two year, the program carried out approximately 150 one-day trips for 28 local kindergarten schools in Nho Quan district. About 3800 children, 600 parents and teachers were given the opportunity of a lifetime to learn and play in nature.

So what's next? The second year report is coming soon.

We continue to appreciate and call for the support of everyone locally as well as globally in the effort of expanding the program and educating the children on nature and wildlife conservation.

Outreach to schools

The team also attended a talk to celebrate the International Days of Biological Diversity 2018, hosted by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) in Hanoi. With the participation of 200 teachers and students from Everest school, the team not only raised awareness about pangolin conservation, but also promoted and encouraged attendees to protect the nature.

Reduce of using wildlife products for traditional medicine

Save Vietnam's Wildlife was invited to present about wildlife conservation value for 30 students, lecturers, and faculty staff from five of Viet Nam’s traditional medicine (TM) universities in Cuc Phuong National Park which organised by TRAFFIC and the Viet Nam Oriental Traditional Medicine Association. It helps people there to understand the crisis issues of illegal trade and hunting of wildlife in Vietnam and the reasons why we should not use the wildlife products in traditional medicine. The students were also inspired by our education staff when they present about the stories about animals in our education centre. 


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Field Research

Systematic camera trapping in Pu Mat National Park

Finally, 128 camera traps were set up in Pu Mat national park by mid of May 2018. We plan to collect the data from camera trap after next 2 months. This research will help us to collect the base-line information of wildlife populations in Pu Mat national park.

Radio-tracking pangolins:

Our research team continues to follow all four pangolins through the transmitters attached to them two months prior. They are doing very well. Two of them stayed quite close to the released sites, but the others moved far away. Next step, our researchers will find their sleeping locations and setting up cameras to learn more about their activities.


Anti-Poaching Unit at Pu Mat National Park

Over 70 candidates applied for the positions of Anti-poaching Unit. Pu Mat management board and SVW have chosen 18 candidates for interview and 8 of them were selected for final field test in the forests.
We are happy to announce that the final seven people had joined us for the first ever Anti-poaching Team in Vietnam. They just finished five-weeks training where they learned about wildlife conservation value, animal ID, laws in wildlife protection, community engagement skills, Kung fu, using protection equipments and first-aid. A workshop was organised with the management board of Pu Mat National Park, and all the leaders of the ranger stations in order to discuss about roles, responsibilities, collaboration and plan. The team now patrols the Pu Mat National Park for the first time, good luck team!


Talking about Owston's Civet at EAZA Conservation Conference 2018

The Conservation Forum in Tallinn of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria was held the 22-26 of May. Our Science Advisor Dan Willcox was invited to give a presentation about our conservation effort on the Owston's Palm Civet. Dan highlighted the plight of this endangered species, which is often a victim of illegal snaring in its home in the Annamite Mountains between Vietnam and Laos.

In order to view Dan’s 10 minutes presentation and learn more about our field work in Pu Mat National Park, please visit EAZA’s Facebook page and check out the recording at the 50:16 mark.


Update on community research at Pu Mat National Park

In May, the Community-based Team interviewed 5 gatekeepers, and 210 households, 23 of which belong to the hunters.

The team will continue their effort in collecting and analyzing data to provide more information on wildlife protection in order to educate and raise awareness between the locals.


The team: New members

We would like to welcome many new member of SVW:

Jessica Jimerson joined SVW as the Veterinary Manager. Jess has over three years of experience working as a Vet technician in the Houston Zoos in the US. Jess has joined to help improve the veterinary procedures and to build up capacity for Vietnamese veterinarians.

Geoff Underwood starts to work at SVW as the Development Adviser where he is based in Pu Mat National Park to build up capacity for staff and the rescue centers. Geoff has over 20 years of experience working as the park manager, and wildlife and biodiversity manager.

Our new Communication Office is Tran Phuong Mai from Ho Chi Minh city. Mai has over three years of experience working in communication for different businesses. With the love for nature and the desire to help in wildlife conservation, she decided to join SVW.

A big warm welcome to the Anti-poaching team: Vu Cao Cuong, Lang Van Dien, Le Tat Thanh,  Loc Van Tao, Pham Quoc Hoa, Loc Van Thang,and Nguyen Huu Trung. With their experience in wildlife conservation and their respective training, the team will patrol Pu Mat National Park and track for illegal poaching and logging activities.

          Jessica Jimerson                        Geoff Underwood                       Tran Phuong Mai                    Veterinary Manager                 Development Adviser               Communication Officer

           APU - Vu Cao Cuong                APU - Lang Van Dien               APU - Le Tat Thanh

           APU - Loc Van Tao                  APU - Pham Quoc Hoa               APU - Loc Van Thang

  APU - Nguyen Huu Trung               


Madelon Rusman, Tran Thi Thuong, Ngan Van Luan, Tran Thi Ngoc Lien and Tran Thi Yen are no longer working with Save Vietnam's Wildlife. We would like to thank to all of you for your contribution for development of SVW. Thank you for being SVWers!


Thank you!

For reading our newsletter and for supporting us
on every single project, rescue or release.

See you next month!

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