There's nothing we'd love more than some quality time with Finn. He's a sexy, Irish alpha male... Take Me isn't just a fantastic romance, it's full of drama and one helluva strong female lead too.

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Take Me

She thinks I’m an arrogant jerk but my Irish charm will work its magic.

When I first see Poppy I’m instantly hard.
I walk in on her changing, her big beautiful untouched body clad in nothing but a bra and panties.
No size zero model makes my body react the way hers does.
She’s a good girl but I’m going to teach her how good being bad can feel.

What the Reviews Say:

I am a huge believer that love comes in all shapes and sizes and if the righ person comes along you will fall in love with the person meant for you. Finn and Poppy are brilliant characters you can’t help but fall for. Well developed characters and a brilliant story. I am a big fan of Lulu so I don’t expect anything less. Highly recommended.

Wonderfully written with a strong storyline and engaging plot. All the twists and turns, bumps and bleeps that really pulls this magnificent read together beautifully. Lulu did a fantastic job bringing this read to life flawlessly.

A great sexy story! Finn is a sexy alpha male photographer who is famous for photographing skinny models. Poppy is a vlogger who has religious beliefs and clean cruelty free beauty products. They end up in the Caribbean together on an assignment that includes drama, jealousy, sexy scenes, strong characters, humor, love, and a HEA.

Photographing top lingerie models was a common occurrence for Finn. But there was something about Poppy. She thinks he’a jerk and can’t stand him. To top things off, she’s a virgin. Hot and sexy with explosive chemistry. 

OMG!!!! I loved this book. Lulu did a great job dealing with so many real issues especially religion. Poppy was an amazingly strong woman. Finn was also strong, but also broken. He had been to hell and back. But didn’t know how to deal with his demons, until Poppy. This is a true journey for Poppy and Finn. But I think we have all dealt with some form of this journey that Lulu gracefully put into the written word.


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