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Making Lemonade 101

Hi ,

I have always been a sucker for the underdog! The main hero is fine and all, but I feel bad for the guy who doesn't get the girl.

And cookies for me were that guy. Because every gourmet bakery would have them but I'd never see people actually buying & eating one.

In fact, before I had my first good cookie, I didn't even think of trying one. So, after having that life-changing cookie, I thought wow...why have I not had this before. 

And my second thought was...why hasn't everyone tried this?

Hence, I set out on that path of making these cookies and getting everyone to try it.

But there was always the question of whether people will accept them? 

When we asked our friends around if they would eat a cookie the answer was a unanimous yes. But when we asked them if they would buy a cookie, it didn't look so good.

So we started asking ourselves if there were any cookie lovers not unlike us around? Is it possible to get a bunch of people together just for their love for cookies? And if yes, how would we even reach out to them?

We were food entrepreneurs but admittedly, we were really bad at social media and digital anything. I remember, in the early days of Dohful, Chaman installed Instagram for the first time just to see how it works! 🤣

So when we started Dohful we had this herculean task in front of us to understand the world of social media and putting ourselves out there. And I think we did give it our best. But it just never came naturally to me.

You ask me to write an entire essay I'll give it to you in under an hour but writing 140 characters was way out of my league.

So slowly, we started striking off things which we knew we couldn't do. And there was a lot of it. Believe me, I didn't even know until recently that SC is another name for Snapchat! I almost felt like my grandmother the day I found out!

But writing was different. Writing is something we both enjoyed immensely. Chaman reads a lot so usually has way more ideas than me, but I am better (modest much?) at putting my feelings & thoughts out on a piece of paper.

That's why when Chaman first talked about writing a newsletter, I immediately said yes. Because that was something I could actually do! 

I didn't have to see how I was looking or if there was adequate light for a photo or if the text fits in a particular format.

I just had to write my heart out! And that's exactly what I did.

Sunday after Sunday, I kept writing...sometimes to tell a story, sometimes to give you some hacks. But there was just one thing in my mind - to connect with you guys on a slightly deeper level.

A lot of you guys have told us recently that you wait for the Sunday Letter to come in. A few have also said that the newsletter is as good as the cookies themselves and a lot of you have also asked us what made us start writing these in the first place.

Well, here's your answer guys - our social media handicap lead us here and boy, I'm so glad it did!


P.S.: We're doing an AMA guys! Hit that reply button and ask us anything you want. We'll answer all the questions in our next Sunday Letter!

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