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Carrie Walker, RN Supervisor
Welcome Carrie Walker, RN Supervisor

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Carrie Walker, RN to our Aware family! In her role as RN Supervisor, Carrie will assist Gina in all aspects of caring for our clients, families, and caregivers. Carrie is a registered nurse with more than 8 years of critical and emergency care experience. Carrie lives in a suburb of Raleigh with her husband, 3 children and dog and loves to spend time with the family when she’s not caring for others.

Learn more about her passion for care and the influence caring for her father had on her to become a nurse on our website.

Learn More Feature
Aware Senior Care featured in the nationally published Aging Matters by
Aware Senior Care wrote for and was featured by Carol Marak, editor and chief public relations officer for The article "What to do When an Elderly Loved One Refuses Healthcare." During the five years of operating Aware helping sons and daughters with parents who are determined not to accept help is a common challenge.

No matter the reason, the question remains - what can you do when you know your loved one needs home care, but they refuse to accept help? We've got a few tips for you to help navigate this difficult conversation which Carol has published in her Aging Matters national column.

Read the article
What People are Saying
Our Families
“How likely are you to recommend Aware Senior Care to others?”

Esther K.
“I like that they stay in contact, and the administration doesn't just leave me without a lot of follow up. They're very interested and active in managing what's going on.”

Nancy B.
“We have had extremely good services from them. We really consider Aware Senior Care a blessing to our family.”

Our Caregivers
How likely are you to recommend working for Aware to an interested friend?

“I really like the company and how family oriented they seem. It's personal working with them, and I get to know everyone in the office. It feels great that someone has my back while I'm working a case.”

How would you rate the office support staff and the communication you receive from them?

“There is always someone I can talk to if I need help or I'm unsure about a specific problem with a patient.”

Why did you choose to work for Aware Senior Care over other options?

“I had read reviews about them and they were outstanding.”

Read More Reviews Here!
LifeLinks.Care Logo
The Aware Senior Care Circle of Support is a village of skilled individuals and organizations that share the common bond of helping people live well in their homes. This month’s featured partner is LifeLinks™ based in Raleigh.

The LifeLinks caring team of licensed care managers, social workers and nurses provides customized Care Management for seniors. We met the leader of the Raleigh team, Meike Wiest several years ago and we recently spent time to know more about each other and discovered we have a lot of common with practical experience in caring starting with our own families which inspired us to form the business we now lead and enjoy.

LifeLinks’ mission is to transform the aging experience from one of fear and confusion, to one of good memories and reconciliation through care management support to seniors and their care partners.

We approach each client and family with a holistic approach, considering the physical, emotional, mental, and lifestyle needs of each person involved.

Our team of Aging LifeCare™ Professionals has a combined 200 years of experience advocating for seniors and individuals with special needs in the fields of nursing, social work, counseling, and mental health. This variety of perspectives is what makes our holistic, client-centered approach possible. Rely on experts so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

LifeLinks is also a guardianship of person provider and can either be appointed as guardian of person for individuals deemed incompetent by a court of law OR can council families re: competency related questions, the process of petitioning and possible alternatives to guardianship.

How can LifeLinks help you?

LifeLinks says it well in their "Getting Started” section of their website “Managing Someone’s Health Can Have You Running in Circles.”
  1. To speak to a new client advisor to receive a free consultation, please call 919-781-5979 EXT 3 to learn how LifeLinks can assist in your unique scenario.
  2. If you decide to engage LifeLinks’ services, a clinical assessment will be completed to identify and prioritize care goals.
  3. From there, LifeLinks will build a customized care plan which they can manage on your behalf. They step alongside seniors and their caregivers to support them as needed to alleviate stress and confusion. To learn more about LifeLinks you can visit their website at and/or call 919-781-5979 ext 3 or email
Walk to De-Feet Dementia
Dementia Alliance of North Carolina Triangle Festival of Hope & Walk to De-Feet Dementia
Aware Senior Care is proud to be a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming Dementia Alliance of NC Triangle Festival of Hope & Walk to De-Feet Dementia on Saturday September 21st.

Come Walk with us and enjoy the festival with free doughnuts and coffee, craft and resource vendors, kid’s activities, fun music, an exciting raffle, food trucks and more family fun.
From the Blog
It can be difficult to watch our loved ones age, particularly when their health begins to fail. And it’s even more difficult when those loved ones refuse medical care, home care services, or basic support.

In our latest “Senior Spotlight” column for Wake Living, we delve into this topic and offer some guidance for those of you facing this situation right now.

Read our column in the Summer 2019 issue of the magazine here and let us know how we can help you!
Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
Live Life now! Don’t wait for the rainy day. Do something fun and out of your comfort zone!
In a recent TuesdayTip from Aware, Tim Murray CEO and co-founder of Aware recommended reading the book “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande.

What was his biggest takeaway? Live Life to its fullest…. NOW!

After reading story after story from Atul about people suffering from some chronic disease or Dementia is that disease does not discriminate about age.

Things can happen in life, young or old. Age doesn’t matter. Here’s a suggestion Gina and I try to follow. Make a plan for a special event, date or staycation once a month!

Push the life needle into the red. Listen to Tim.
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