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14.11.18 Contents:
Managing COPD
Packaging problems
The Size Experts
New hearing solutions
Latest updates - EHRC Consultation
1. Managing COPD

An estimated 1.2 million people are living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). According to figures from the British Lung Foundation, it is the second most common lung disease after asthma.

Paul Brice is a sports scientist who has developed a fresh approach to managing breathlessness: the horrific feeling of having to fight for every breath is all-too-familiar to those living with COPD.

We have an interesting review of his book describing the Brice Method, written as a Q and A between our own Mary Farmer and patient expert Chris Warburton.

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2. AccessAble – your accessibility guide

You have probably come across AccessAble – until recently called DisabledGo. 

As they have a fresh new website and smartphone app, this seemed like a good moment to ask them to tell Independent Living about what they are up to.

Already used by over 1.5 million people a year to plan visits and days out, they have ambitious plans for the future.

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3. Packaging problems

Although I don't have any particular dexterity problems, just normal strength, slightly timeworn fingers, I still often find packaging a problem.

And it leads me to wonder, as I struggle with a particularly recalcitrant container, how someone less able than I would manage.

A Product Design student, Henry Simpson, has been in touch with a survey about medical packaging. He wants to hear from anyone who has dexterity issues about their experiences accessing medications.

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4. The Size Experts

A very interesting new showcase page subscriber on Independent Living.

The Size Experts specialise in making super plus size underwear. I know from enquiries we receive that it is really hard for very large people and those with very swollen feet and legs to find suitable socks, pants and bras.

Undies that fit properly and are comfortable seems a reasonable ask!

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5. New hearing solutions

Not being a hearing aid wearer, it's a while since I've updated myself on developments in assistive hearing technology. But a new showcase page subscriber has prompted me to do so.

The aid shown here is the smallest type you can get, known as IIC or invisible in the (ear) canal.

Hearing Solutions UK was set up when one of the directors needed hearing aids, and discovered that NHS solutions were not brilliant, and involved long waits. At the same time, he found the private sector full of jargon and technical specs that completely confused him. His answer was a company that provides aids from a range of suppliers, with a personal advice service that comes up with a solution to suit the individual.

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6. Latest Updates - EHRC Consultation

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched a public consultation to discover what we think they should be concentrating on for the next few years.

They have a draft plan, focused on three key areas: making Britain more equal and rights-respecting; removing barriers to opportunity; protecting the rights of people in the most vulnerable situations. You can find more details and share your views on their website:

EHRC - Have your say  


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