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Greetings from Bruce Ballon

Inviting you to come along for the adventure!

Hello!  At one point or another, we have connected in the past.  Based on what I recall, I believe you may find this of interest!  If not, my apologies; feel free to unsubscribe. 

As part of my ongoing efforts to raise mental health awareness in innovative ways, I have launched an eclectic board game company, Hounds & Jackals.

Hounds & Jackals was launched to explore the use of tabletop board games to:

  • Raise Awareness of Mental Health issues in society
  • Meld modern and historical elements into gameplay to promote reflection on the human condition
  • Engage the imagination through immersive themes and settings
  • Address the age of the Digital Reckoning by providing engaging social experiences Off-Screen

Of course, first and foremost, any Hounds & Jackals game must provide an innovative and entertaining experience for players! The above goals would always be blended in for subtle learning and reflection while having fun!

Click here to visit Hounds & Jackals

The first game under development is the BEAST OF GÉVAUDAN.  The game is dedicated to the first-line responders who have faced traumatic experiences.  In my clinical practice, I have been treating veterans, paramedics, nurses, physicians, and many more people who face overwhelming stress in their roles.  This game has been designed to raise awareness of the effects of psychological trauma in our society.  If you think there are people you know who may be interested in this game, please spread the word!

Beast of Gévaudan - Click here for a Sneak Peek!
Happy Hound
Hounds and Jackals

 North York, Ontario, Canada

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