Writers Of SciFi Newsletter April 2022!

Spring Has Arrived!

Finally, Warmer Weather:

Sunshine and warmer weather are finally arriving in Chicago. Lots of wind and rain lately, but I have my new backup generator installed now. Let the weather play. 

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Also included is a SFF Book Bonanza Sale full of 99 Cent books to download and read.

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The Whisper Gatherers by Nicola McDonagh - Free Unlimited or $0.99

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The Chronicles Of Mayer by Nicola McDonagh - $0.99

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The Tritonus Venture by Daniel McMillan - $0.99

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EVE Of Ascension by Daniel McMillan - $0.99

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ARC Of the Hellion by Daniel McMillan - $0.99

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The Guardians - Book 1 by Don Viecelli - On Sale 67% Off At $0.99

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The Guardians Series by Don Viecelli - On Sale 50% Off At $3.49

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SFF Book Bonanza 99 Cent Sale!

SFF Book Bonanza

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April 22, 2022