Happy New Year friends! I know that we are actually 6 days into the new year but the first week of the year always feels like a struggle to get back into a solid routine. 🤷🏾‍♀️So congrats on making it through the first 6 days!

The month of December for me was all about relaxing and prepping and planning for the year ahead. After taking some time to refine our message, we're not only walking into the new year with a clearer purpose but also a pretty new website.

The LOE Shop has been restocked and after a month of being away there is FINALLY a new podcast episode!

2019 is going to be an incredible year for LOE & I can't wait for you to see what's in the works! If you would like to share your plans for 2019, hop over into our community!

xo, Alisha

how we feel about 2019


It's ok to ease into the New Year. There can be a lot of pressure to hit the ground running once January 1st hits but moving too fast can lead to early burn out. Take your time. Remember small steps are better than none. 


If you create physical products, then you'll love this episode of the CoCommercial podcast with Tonya Dalton, founder of InkWell Press. In this interview she shares her journey of how her and her husband risked it all to get her planner company running, her strategy behind selling 500 planners during their first launch and more!



The New Year is always the perfect time to make space for what we really want in our life but it can be difficult if we continue to hold on to things that didn't serve us in the previous year. This article from ShineText provides some advice on how to release what didn't serve you in 2018!


P.S. Have a question you've been dying to ask? We're starting a new series on the LOE podcast where I'll be answering all of your business, lifestyle and wellness questions! Submit your question HERE! I'll also be shouting you out on the show if your question is chosen!

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