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“Visualise what you want to do before you do it. Visualisation is so powerful that when you know what you want, you will get it.” - Audrey Flack    

Hi , I want to talk about my favourite Coaching tool today - Visualisation. 

If you have plans for this year and won't be doing them all at once (I recommend you pace out you goals for a higher chance to achieve them) then you need to have visual boards. You can have more than one but do them.

Our brains process images. By creating a visualisation that is tangible in that you can see it everyday, you actually start telling your mind subconsciously that you already have those things, they are a part of your life and then subconsciously, you'll be making the decisions that lead you to achieving those goals.

Take it from me. I do it every year and every year I achieve what I set out achieve. It's only two weeks into the new year and my health goals are on track - I've already lost 6lbs and I'm very motivated to continue. I have a plan for my work too and so far, I'm achieving those as well. On my visual board are all the things I want. All the things that will help me feel fulfilled. 

Try it for yourself. It's a dynamic tool, one that you can add to all the time and trust me, it's a fun process. Ensure you look at it every morning and every night to trick your brain into thinking you've already got them and life will show you the way to them.

If you fancy a more targeted approach to your goals, join me in March for my Frankly Unstoppable Retreat+Coaching programme. As well as having fun, you can get really focussed on your goals for the year in your Health, Career or Relationships.

Lots of love

Puja x

15th-17th March

**New date for March**

A perfect way to get ready for a really good Life Spring clean!

Find out more about the programme below.


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