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Okay, okay. That pun was horrible. What can I say - I really, really, really like bad jokes!

Anyway. This particular newsletter has a few updates to give you.


I've decided to entrust the cover of "Scars & Souvenirs" to a professional, and I am excited! I've never paid someone else to make my stuff - I've always either done it myself or... No, I've always done it myself (except for an amazing Captain America drawing my twin-but-not-really dinosaur gifted me on my birthday). Anway. As soon as I get the cover in my possession, I may or may not give you a little sneak peek at it. 

Next order of business, Jeeves!


Yep. I'm going to be opening pre-orders next month. Pre-orders will start at $0.99 (seriously, less than a buck!) for e-book format! Physical copies will also be available at a lower price than post-release, but money and math? Not my forte. So that will come at a later date (aka once I have someone smarter than I am help me with this). 

On the day of the release, e-book/Kindle formats will be $3.99 and physical... again, no idea as of yet. 

Lots of love (and gratitude for your endless patience),

Finley K. James

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Austin, Texas
United States

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