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Dear Readers, Old and New,

I'm writing this as a stiff breeze whips my half closed blinds over the window of my nook writing area. I'm squeezed between two bedrooms. Some call it a loft, but I prefer in nook and cranny, witchie nanny, gonna bite your nails.

Just being silly.

I finished my new Sherlock Holmes novel, Cold Facts 3, The Invisible Man. Third in the series so far. I intend on taking this at least two to three more books, adding more as time goes by. I still want to go back and finish  up my Zodiac killer series, but got burned out on it, so have been holding back. Hope to finish that in the new year.

Got a new Twist novel in the works for you sci-fiers out there.

Got a new super Holmes collection special in this issue. And other goodies.

Also, I've started an Amazon store on my website, so you can see my books better. I am using lager images so the covers stand out better. Amazon really squashes them. But the advantage of my store is that you can see how great the covers are and also order there your books from Amazon, as the links on the images take you directly to Amazon.

i'm  not adding any description, as Amazon has well done ones there and after all, I'm only one person and only have so much time.

Besides that, a great new batch of fractal flames in this issue and a brand new book of them free to download.

And oh yeah, a promo with a gaggle of free books to download if you like.


I have a short, short story at the bottom of this newsletter introducing a character I have been writing off and on. Rather whimsical this one, which I hope will lighten your day.

Bye for now.
Hugs to all.



Sherlock Holmes Fantasy, Murder and Mystery Tales, Volume Four

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A plot of increasingly complex madness, one by one, drawing in shape shifters and magic people into its clutches, is unfolding before Holmes.

Who is behind the deaths, the incredible murders?

Why have these men been set up? Or have they?

Book Three of the Cold Facts mysteries, books that each one take you into the past of a  younger Sherlock Holmes as his reputation builds and his friends join him in his quest to bring law and order to a dark London, over run by shape shifters, magical beings and madmen.

A world of Steampunk Science and Magic both.

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If you missed the beginning of this wonderful series, Cold Facts, here are the first two books.

Cold Facts One, Count Dracula.

The remarkable meeting of Sherlock Holmes and the King of Vampires is marred by a mysterious death that only a vampire could have done!

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Cold Facts Two: Frankenstein

Caught between World War Two and World War Three he fought two terrible wars, in the past and in the future against the Nazis, to get back home again.

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A chance meeting brings Samuel Light and Jimbo, his best friend from Texas into a huge engagement of fantasy and science fiction like none other!

A meeting that will mean saving the life of one, and maybe even our world.

A science fiction mystery that plombs the depths of metaphysics and physical science in ways never seen before.

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Book one of a fabulous new mystery series that will take you deep into Area 51 and places of our universe humans only dream of and hope of ever knowing.

Based on actual experiences and combinations of extrapolations of science and current political and military situations, you will travel with a young detective endowed with psychic abilities as he and his best friend from Texas journey into the depths of a mystery that could mean a new age for humanity, or the end of our world.

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Daily news

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium.

Sherlock Holmes: Curse of the Serpent King

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Sherlock Holmes: Murderous Night

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A Wave of the Wand

"A Lovelight Story"

A Wave of the Wand

a wave of the wind.

The weather blows

again and again.

The creatures gather

in nests of feather

to weather the storms

that must begin.

And brave the souls

whose hearts repose

in glitters of illusion

to help us find the way.

For they are soldiers

great and bolder

who will one day unite

Souls who lost their way.

Cherishing thoughts strewn like cherry petals in a Japanese orchard, fluttered about Lovelight's mind as she looked at old photos of her grandparents when they were young, then at them again in their older years. How time does change one, she thought, and yet though they were much more worn and frayed by the years they had lived, their hearts had grown stronger and their love as well. She vibrated with the thought of their kind words and soft caresses when she got lost as a child and couldn't find her way. They were always there to help her summon up the courage to once more get on her feet and do the right thing, even if it hurt like hell.

She laughed at that thought.

Courage was like a road that split a thousand directions. Make a choice, and then take the consequences.

Just like today. She sighed, and then swept her golden hair back from her eyes so she could focus on the tall dandelion leaning towards her. She was seated in a yoga position on the lawn of her grandparents, her concentration on the tinder feather like stamen that would float away with the slightest breeze, or breath from her is she wasn't careful.

She closed her eyes and held her breath, then centered her consciousness on a tiny pearl she imagined to be in the center of the dandelion, hovering on the tender stamen, as delicate as a feather, but grounded in a kind of wispy white light that clutched at it from all sides. It was a flower of Light. A feathery wand that she could blow away with her breath, or if she could gain control over her thoughts, wield it like a wand of power to concentrate her spiritual powers.

She had learned a lot in the last year or so. When she first saw the flower fairies, she had learned all too soon who she could talk about to, and who not. Her mother listened. Her grandparents listened, but only her mother understood, then one day as she had been playing soccer with her girlfriends, she had kicked the ball off the side and it had landed in the lap of an elderly gentleman of Chinese ancestry. He had caught it on a finger and it was still whirling on the tip of his finger when she approached him to take it back.

"Life is a delicate balance of power and strength, Light and purpose. Both are necessary to function. Both are necessary to achieve what is real in life. What has true purpose." Then he had gently slid the ball onto her outstretched palm where it continued to spin.

"If we stay focused on what is good and right, the ball of our life spins effortlessly with direction and hope, but..."

She felt her mind drifting. The ball sputtered awkwardly in her palm, the dropped off.

"But if we lose our direction..." He gestured to the ball as it bounced down the bleacher seats back onto the field.

She had watched it bounce, and then turned to speak to him. "But..."

But he was gone. Where he had sat was nothing. No one was even near that thought, though some were looking at her a bit funny. Why?

When she told her mother later on, her mother had told her. "Angels come in all shapes and sizes. The people couldn't see what you saw. Most will not. Some will think you're crazy. Some will be jealous, and some just plain...most just won't...even care."

She realized then that she was not only a girl, but different in ways that most girls never could be. The older she became the more she became sure that somehow she had a purpose in life. A direction that was meant only for her.

She grew less resentful of being called Lovelight instead of by her real name Cynthia. She actually came to love the nickname, and would one day as she grew older actually make that name legal, even though she didn't really have to.

She felt the pearl in her inner eye's vision begin to melt and open up like a thousand petalled lotus, revealing layer after layer of delicate pink throat, until when it was done she saw a tiny star floating in its throat.

Her vision zoomed into that star, and it was as if she were being gently lifted by a gigantic hand of great warmth and tenderness.

And as quickly as the vision had come, it fled her, leaving her feeling alone, yet not alone. She opened her eyes and saw the tiny feather stamen bursting into the air, liberated by a sudden breeze that had blown in from the south.

She rejoiced in the freedom of the dandelion as it dispersed its seeds across the void of time and space to replicate itself somewhere else and begin the cycle and recycle of life and death as effortlessly as a potter turns a clay wheel to churn out his pottery.

She smiled and climbed to her feet.

She stretched her arms, then turned to go back into her grandparent’s house, feeling refreshed and someone contained, as if all of her had found a kind of peace lacking before. She still didn't know what her purpose was, but she knew that every time surrendered her fears of being the thing she feared the most, she came closer to becoming the thing she desired the most...a true Light to all those around her.

Some would call that faddish, or stupid, or cultish, or a number of ridiculous things, as if being kind and generous were sins. People had lost their way in so many directions she realized, and if she wasn't careful, she too could become one of those who had held the Wand of Light and thrust it from her, believing that life was just about taking what you want and to hell with everything else. It wasn't. It never was and never would be.

She smiled. Yes, it was going to be a great day. A very great day indeed.

"Who are you?" Whispered the breeze.

"I am myself." She replied.

"Who is that?" It asked.

"Lovelight." She answered, truly believing it. Satisfied that the only answer she need ever give was the true feelings of her heart and soul and that everything else was just static on the TV screen of life.

Download this beautifully illustrated fractal flame book directly in pdf or mobi format.

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A lovely fractal flame that blazes with subtle textures and blends of color.

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