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This is Blair Babylon, your favorite romance author. Thank you for subscribing from the backs of one of my books. Don't forget that, because you're one of Blair's VIPs, you have special access to the FREE EPILOGUES AT MY WEBSITE. (Jeez, I must've hit delete instead of insert. Sorry!)

Things are ramping up fast in 2020. Lots of fun things going on in the next two weeks.

FIRST: Blair Babylon has a brand-new book releasing this week. It's a boxed set with one story plus two full novels! Scroll down to pre-order it now!

Also, don't forget that Blair has TWO AUDIOBOOKS available, and #3 is coming soon!

And if you read in German, Billionaires in Disguise: Rae is being published as Heimliche Milliardäre: Rae next week!

Have a great day!


Two novels + 1 story = 1 Great Boxed Set!

Meet Bee Yates, Lady Captain at the Canterbury Golf Club.

Hi! My name's Beatrice Yates, but you can call me Bee. I'm the Lady Captain at the Canterbury Golf Club, and no matter what you have heard, it's is NOT the Canterbury Golf AND MURDER Club.

Look, we've had a few problems, but there's no reason to think the murders are going to continue.

Besides, there have only been two murders.

Don't say so far.

And one theft of a very valuable golf relic.

But anyway, come on out and take a look at the Canterbury Golf and Mur--

Oops. You almost got me, there.

--the Canterbury Golf and nothing else Club.

We're a fun bunch of people who get together, golf, and dine in the social club. We have fun, especially us ladies when we play Ladies' League on Wednesday mornings. We take our golf seriously.

Not that seriously.

Not so seriously that we murder people.

At least, not many people.


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The Devil Ball Mysteries by Blair Babylon releases this week! Click it now so it shows up on your ereader when it drops!

This boxed set contains one short story and two full-length novels.

Just so you know, I published these books under the pen name "Jessa Archer" last year. If you've read the Jessa Archer Golf Mysteries, then you've already read these books!

But, if you'd like to read some very different Blair Books, pick these up! There's no sex and no deep-voiced Doms in these books, but there are some fun mysteries that are very much for grown-ups. I boxed them up to give you a break on the price.

And yes, I had some fun with naming this boxed set. The "Devil Ball" is an allusion to the Devilhouse, but it's also what golfers call that little white ball that we chase around the golf course. The Halloween formal dinner and dance at the Canterbury Golf Club is called The Devil's Ball for exactly that reason. 

And "Authors in Disguise?" Yep, that's me! Like Wulf and Casimir, I was definitely "In Disguise" when I published these books last year! I hope you enjoy them.


Hear ye, hear ye!

Have you heard Blair's two audiobooks? Hard Liquor is coming soon!

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The audiobook for WORKING STIFF narrated by JOE FREAKIN' ARDEN has been published! Let Joe whisper dirty things in your ear while you drive or exercise or do housework!

Just a warning: I nearly drove off the road. Stay safe.

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If you like Teddy Hamilton as a narrator, you'll LOVE John Lane! Also a real, live British person, John has perfectly captured the character of Lord Arthur Finch-Hatten. 

Oh, when John drops his voice to do Arthur's sexy English growl . . . oh, mama. 

::fans self::

My current favorite meme.

For screen readers:

(a skeleton at a computer) 

Bookworm Problems -- waiting for the next book in the series be like-- 


Love and thank you!
Love and thank you!
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