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With excitement, galleryFRITZ presents the first solo exhibition, Pascal Pierme: Hylê Forever, in their third and latest contemporary gallery space in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Owner, Deborah Fritz selected Pierme for the inaugural offering, as “Like galleryFRITZ, Pascal’s work is fresh, innovative and compelling. It is my pleasure to put forth this perfect pairing as our first solo exhibition.”  Pierme, (b. 1962 St. Rafael, France) is a Frenchman and artist who settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA in 1997. Preceded by his reputation in Europe, Pierme arrived in America and quickly became a prominent and iconic career artist. Over the past 21 years he has steadily ascended the art world hierarchy of local, regional, national…and now global.   Pierme says of this exhibition, “Deborah Fritz has given me a wonderful opportunity to express myself with the first solo exhibition in her new space. The timing is perfect for the necessary new adventures in my studio. This most recent work represents total creative freedom for me, with zero outside influence.  In the studio I am working toward 'simplicity.' I work hard every single day just to find simplicity. This new process is a marriage between organic form and kinetic geometry. Through these compositions, I am embracing the idea of doubting one’s perception. Each of us experiences the outside through our own eyes and filters. Our interpretations are subjective, and ever changing. This is a fundamental gift of art, and the fundamental nature of the artist and the viewer. “  Hylê Forever is the title Pierme carefully selected for this body of work. In ancient Greece, Aristotle first introduced the concept Hylê. It is a word he used to describe the idea of matter - the substance from which all things are made.  When Pierme first learned of Hylê, it felt like an epiphany. This notion completely described the overarching embodiment of his life’s creativity; it echoed his focus and his investigations into energy, change, and transformation.   The Greeks had no word for matter in general, as opposed to raw material used for a specific aim, so Aristotle adapted the word for "wood" and boiled the new word down to its essence "that out of which.” In Hylê Forever, Pierme has created homage to his medium. His new work is infinite; it feels like a deep breath; it is refined, graceful, illusive, and undeniably Pierme.   Pierme recalls his first experience of “Hylê”, via his Grandfather who was the artist’s foremost inspiration, “My Grandfather was constantly in his studio working on wood. He was an exceptional craftsman. In my earliest memories I was fascinated by what he could do with a simple piece of wood – and in a few hours or days I would witness what this wood became, ‘that out of which’. Immersed in my Grandfather’s enchanted, garage-world, wood was indeed, ‘the substance from which all things are made’. For me, it was the matter, which created the universe. The scent of his studio was also a big attraction - the fragrance of multiple woods combined with turpentine and linseed oil created a magical space.”  Please join galleryFRITZ in celebrating this innovative new chapter for Pascal Pierme, Deborah Fritz and Santa Fe’s creative engine, as a whole.   In addition to prestigious gallery representation across the nation, global exhibitions include: SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Atlanta, Georgia; Museum of Fine Art Carnoles, Menton, France; Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan; Art in Embassies; X Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy; Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland; French Consulate, New York, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Novato, California; and Royal Academy of Art, London, England.  ###          About galleryFRITZ, a dynamic new contemporary art space in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Promising to focus less on the object and more on the happening, galleryFRITZ endeavors to inspire and educate with compelling exhibits, site-specific installations, multimedia presentations, video projection displays, and traditional art programming. galleryFRITZ's working model of engaging a roster of rotating curators ensures a fresh, current, and energetic experience.  Under the keen direction of owner Deborah Fritz, this nearly 5,000 square foot “white box” interior boasts an outdoor expanse overlooking Santa Fe’s new Railyard commons. This new space represents Fritz’s third successful venture in the Santa Fe arts. Inspired by an earnest dedication and passion for art, her galleries consistently exhibit, with brilliant focus, a high standard of contemporary art. Her newest concept promises to stir up the conventional gallery continuum in the country’s third largest art market.   PRESS CONTACT: To request additional images, information, or to schedule interviews Samantha Paige Furgason for galleryFRITZ  +1 505 982 7447  SITE CONTACT: Deborah Fritz, Owner +1 505 820 1888   DROPBOX link to high-resolution images  IMAGE CAPTION INFORMATION Origines Temporelles 6 (angles 1-3) Mahogany, pigments 38”x60” January, 2018  Origines Temporelles 9 (angles 1-3) Mahogany, pigments 58”x58” April, 2018  Kiss Me 1 (angles 1-3) Mahogany, pigments 31”x108” May, 2018  Pascal Pierme in his studio outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2017 Photo Credit: Daniel Nadelbach Photography
PASCAL PIERME: Hylê Forever  Reception: Friday, September 28, 2018 5-7pm The Artist will be in Attendance Artist Talk: Saturday, September 29, 2018 5-7pm Exhibition Concludes: October 26, 2018  galleryFRITZ  540 S Guadalupe Street - Santa Fe


Reception: Friday, September 28, 2018 5-7pm
The Artist will be in Attendance
Artist Talk: Saturday, September 29, 2018 5-7pm
Exhibition Concludes: October 26, 2018

galleryFRITZ  540 S Guadalupe Street - Santa Fe

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