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The main highlight of this issue is the analytical paper “How much does the budget lose due to the lack of good governance?”. Our research shows total budget revenues from the rule of law enhancement are estimated at least $26,6 billion as a one-off sum and an additional $8.6 billion annually. So, for a five-year period, one-time losses or inadequate revenues for state finances amount to $70 billion.

Besides, in this issue you will find an overview of the Ukrainian macroeconomy in charts. The presentation consists of such parts: investments, banking system and domestic credit, inflation, fiscal sector, external sector, real sector trends, political and external challenges for 2019.

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How much does the budget lose due to the lack of good governance?

The lack of the rule of law in Ukraine has been repeatedly called as one of the main reasons for underinvestment, hence the slow economic growth in the country.

Cost of corruption: Ukraine loses $8.6 billion annually to poor management, graft, study finds

Big Picture: Ukrainian macroeconomy in charts

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