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Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaways in my last newsletter!

The winners have now been drawn!

The winners of the 5 $10 Amazon gift cards were:

Amy (amy********

Cindy (cindy*******

Tamara (tld*****

Sherry (spu****

Susan (susand**********

E-gift cards have been emailed to you! Thank you so much for entering!

The winners of the Dana's Duo Audible codes are still being contacted as due to the mixup with the links (mea culpa) some of the contacted winners may prefer to receive a book from my catalogue instead.

Thank you so much if you entered either of these giveaways!

Freebie book - be quick!

My good friend Livvy Ward (one of my co-authors on Stocking Stuffers and in the upcoming Valentine anthology Red Hots) is giving away her novella Karma Calls for FREE! Be quick though... the freebie ends at midnight (Pacific time) on January 14th!

Grab Karma Calls for FREE now!

Did you know I also review books on my blog?

I'm not currently accepting submissions for review due to a large backlog, but I post usually about five book reviews a week, and unlike some reviewers who only post four or five stars for every book, if I don't like a book I'll be absolutely honest about it... even if it's by a bestselling author. Some of my posts have actually gone viral on social media... usually when something has got me particularly fired up :P

You can see some of my Greatest Hits here... and you can also follow me on Bloglovin' if you use that system (I LOVE it... you can follow any blog, anywhere, all on one dashboard, even if that blog isn't signed up to Bloglovin'!)

Of course, all my reviews also get posted to Goodreads and to my Amazon reviewer account! I'm always happy to connect with readers there so please follow/friend me and give a few of my reviews a Like; I generally review mostly Indie author books so you may find a few great new reads to check out!

That's it for current news: do check out Livvy's book, and stay tuned for exciting announcements about new work of mine coming up in the next few days, plus a chance to name characters in my next book!

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Caitlyn Lynch, Author

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