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Has COVID hit the North Pole?

A person close to me wants to know.

Autumn Leaves

David asked me. I had no idea.

So he wrote a letter.

It is on my website. Will it make its way to Santa?

Will we receive a reply?

What do you think?

Should I be picturing red elves and blue elves, and a Dr. Fauci elf? Arguments over Santa's virus mitigation strategy? Can we trust statistics coming out of the North Pole? Does Mrs. Claus oversee testing protocol? Or are those thoughts unhealthy, a sign of a sick mind?

Maybe its the food coma aftershock wreaking havoc on my soul. Too much pie.

I don't know. But this Thanksgiving has been a good one. Some great food and creative moments.

I hope this email finds you and yours well. May God bless you richly this Thanksgiving, and during the coming Advent.

Book Notes

New book: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. If you want to know where communism leads, read about it from an artist who saw it from the inside. Don't know who he is? Read the speech he gave at Harvard in 1978.

Still working on E. Randolph Richards and Richard James's Misreading Scripture With Individualist Eyes: Patronage, Honor, and Shame in the Biblical World

Sights and Sounds

So much good music on the drive to Kansas City! Kanye's Jesus is King stands out.

As for movies, I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 (again). Not for everyone. But definitely the kind of movie I like--a revenge tale, samurai swords, wild soundtrack, fight choreography, and violence that shows violence to be farcical. Not an endorsement. Again, not an endorsement.

Last Words

This is my second week on MailerLite. But I'm considering a move to Substack. This newsletter would continue to be free. 

But, I am thinking about adding another tier for paying subscribers, maybe a midweek update. Thinking about that. I'd need to commit to writing. I'd need to focus and develop a few themes. I'd need to sit my rear in a chair each week and produce another newsletter. I'd need discipline, in other words.

I linked above to my latest post, David's COVID question for Santa. I also wrote about gratitude during this horrible rotten no-good downer of a year.

Before I go, standard copy.

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That's the business.

Be well this week. Bless others.


P. S. - Above is a shot I took while hiking in the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Below are the four paintings I produced this fall..

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