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"Your body is a temple."

Hi , how's your week going? Today I'm talking to you about DETOX. Yes, in the tradtional sense and also digitally but also in other areas of your life. It's easy to choose to detox for a day a week, cutting out crap and just focussing on clean simple foods to give your body a rest from all it does. It's also easy to do a digital detox by removing notifications or putting a timer on - which most smartphones allow now. However, detoxing the rest can be a struggle.

Have a look around you this week for all the things that don't bring you joy - like Marie Kondo says, you need to get rid of it if it doesn't bring you joy. It's an interesting concept to behold. 

I made a conscious decision to choose very specific people to be around this year, and so far it's working out well for me. I'm also more patient around my mother and either just walk away or hang up if she's getting too much - 38 years later and I've nailed that relationship! I digress, basically I've chosen a few people to concentrate my attention on and I've created a 3 strikes rule which helps me move on rather than keep thinking about someone and potentially falling into an unhealthy thought pattern.

You're busy, I'm busy. With a kid and a husband who comes home at 7.30pm each night and doesn't have weekends off, I have to do a lot of hoop jumping to socialise. For me, lunches are the easiest as kid's at nursery. Evenings however, require a lot more from me. Some people don't realise this. So, I've decided to respect my space, my time and my sanity by creating a 3 strikes rule which you can apply to people in your life as well. I hope it leads to you being able to detox the unhelpful people in your life:

Strike 1

I contact you to see how you are, plan a date - we agree to send dates. I've already given you my availability for a date with kid, or without.

Strike 2

You don't get in touch after a week with dates, I follow up, you say you've been busy, we must set a date etc etc 

Strike 3

I still haven't heard from you. I contact you, we make a date (usually 3-4 weeks in advance to suit your schedule), I do my hoop jumping, start looking forward to spending time with you. You cancel.

After that, I don't contact you anymore. I appreciate life happens, but I've decided I can't keep chasing friendships/relationships that don't respect me back.

Have your own self-respect and detox those that don't bring joy to your life.

Have a look at this week's blog for some inspo for food and digital detoxing The benefits of Detox for your entire body 

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Have a great week!

Lots of love

Puja x

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