Since my last newsletter, life has gotten very challenging for many of us again. Sadly, I recently lost an extended family member. It was a sobering reminder of how priorities can shift in an instant and how important it is to put family (and health) first.

Although I pushed the release date for Claiming Her Beasts Three to October 5th. I promise it will be worth the wait. There are thrills, chills, and scenes so steamy they will melt your kindle. Be sure to preorder your copy now as the price may increase upon release. 

This month I'm hosting a Fated Mates Giveaway to give readers a chance to win a paperback of Claiming the Nanny and a $25 amazon gift card. Get your entries in before the giveaway ends August 26th.

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Take good care and stay healthy,


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New Release: Shifter Romance

Fox Undercover

It was supposed to be an easy job, especially for a fox shifter. Or so I thought. My assignment was simple: go undercover, gather intel, report back. Instead, I found myself in much deeper with the wolves of Crescent Valley than I'd ever imagined.

For fox sake, what did I get myself into?

99 cent Shifter Series Starter!

Wolf Marked

Cursed to never shift, the only thing I was looking forward to about the First Moon Ceremony was that the magic sealing me into Wolf Creek would break, and I could finally leave. Instead, the ceremony reveals my true mate: Tyler Grant, future leader of my pack and the man responsible for my most recent concussion and black eye. He’s as brutal as he is handsome and fate is cruel to put us together...

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Wicked Monsters

Get the complete, fast burn, Wicked Monsters series as one fantastic set. Meet Aisha's wolves, vampires, human sub, and even a demon-gargoyle in her wild harem! One girl, five monsters, one hell of a ride.

Note: Will be free Saturday 8/14 thru 8/18

New Release: Paranormal Romance

To Hell and Back

None of us expected a visit from the devil himself, but after Lucifer comes a-knocking, we know things are about to heat up fast. According to the demons, the only way to protect me is to bind us all together. Forever. Something I’m not sure I’m even willing to do. But with Greed’s ring still on my finger and Lucifer’s sights set on making me his next play thing, what other choice do I have?

New Release: Paranormal Romance

Infernally Theirs

Heading into the Void to confront the Elders seems like a last resort, but we know it must be done. They are the only ones who can stop the hit on my best friend and clear our names. But what awaits me in the Void is more than I was prepared to handle. Love, horror, betrayal, and surprise. How will my mates and I, five of the greatest assassins alive, survive what comes next?

Shifter Romance!

Come Out Swinging

Check out book two in the Reach for the Moon rejected mates wolf shifter series.

They struck me down. They tried to end me. But I’m about to come out swinging.

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Fire Kissed

They've taken what's mine: My mother, Latham, Aric, even my magical shifter belongs to them now. And the one man who I thought I could trust in all of this is my worst abuser. Torben rejected me the moment we stepped foot into this ashen hellhole. He does their bidding by throwing me into deadly trials that are bound to break me... 

Preorder Now!

Blood Feud

The pack is balancing on an edge, trying to hold together after the last fight tried to tear them apart. Calli throws herself into trying to learn as much magic as she can, and her mates watch on helplessly as her obsession starts to take over. But old enemies are rising, and a surprising party reaches out, requesting aid...

Claiming Her Beasts Book Three

No one said living through the apocalypse would be easy. I just didn’t think it would be this hard.

My sexy beasts seem more interested in fighting each other than fulfilling my increasingly dark and twisted fantasies. Our scorching hot leader is trying to break me with his wicked punishments. And the secret my sister is keeping may destroy us all.

Even worse, our enemies are multiplying, and when our supply run goes south, the price for survival may be too high to pay…