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Hola ,

Thanks to all 108 (the number of beads in a mala) of you subscribers to this weekly karma yoga email of mine, both those I added — mea culpa GDPR — and who haven't unsubscribed, and those who found your way here under your own steam.

And to all you wonderful happy yogis who've stuck with the classes at Fort Massey since last November — Namaste!

Andrew (Indri)

the next 4 week s t r e t c h

RESTORATIVE YOGA Tuesdays at 1830

FOGA (50 + Over Yoga (FOGA) Wednesdays at 0900


feat. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana [Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose] mostly because it's such a fun long name for an asana.

And more Ardha Chandrasana [Half Moon Pose] practice even though March 9, 2020 is a supermoon AND the Worm Moon. Who knew!

50 + OVER YOGA: WED, MAR 11 @0900

FOGA Week 4 of 6: Balance Poses to Boost Strength and Reduce Fall Risk

  1. Vrksasana [Tree Pose]
  2. Talasana [Palm Tree Pose]
  3. Virabhadrasana [Warrior III Pose]
  4. Garudasana [Eagle Pose]
  5. Tight Rope Pose
  6. Savasana [Corpse Pose]

I'm rarely at a loss for words or creative yoga postures but I'm struggling to imagine what asana might be even remotely appropriate to feature at a Saint Patrick's Day practice. ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

I suppose it should probably be stout, fluid, and begin in a standing position, followed by seated and then savasana.

50 + OVER YOGA: WED, MAR 18 @0900

FOGA Week 5 of 6: Back Strengthening to Support Healthy Posture

  1. Supple Spine Flow
  2. Makarasana [Crocodile]
  3. Salamba Bhujangasana [Sphinx]
  4. Ardha Bhujangasana [Baby Cobra]
  5. Salabhasana [Locust]
  6. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana [Bridge]
  7. Pavanamuktasana [Knees to Chest]
  8. Savasana [Corpse Pose]

So often we live our lives drifting, getting by, trying to find comfort and pleasure, doing what we need to do, doing things out of habit, getting lost in the busywork, going through the motions, getting caught up in our thoughts, getting lost in distractions, trying to stick to something but then reverting to habitual patterns, dealing with one crisis after another, putting out fires and sweeping up messes, dealing tiredness and stress and depression and anxiety, trying to keep our heads above water, trying to make ends meet, falling behind and getting overwhelmed, struggling and not wanting to face our problems, getting mired in a pit of never-ending tasks, losing our days and weeks because they all blend together. This is the human condition, and it is beautiful.

Leo Babauta, zen habits

zen habits
Bored out of your tree?

musing about attending a Restorative Yoga or FOGA (50+ Yoga) class?

Read the Indri Yoga FAQs or call me (Andrew) at 902-220-1495 and I'll walk you through it.

If I don't answer, I'm either in a meeting at one of my other jobs, asleep, or some combination of the two, but I will call you back.

Stork couple in Mazères, France, courtesy Grégoire Bertaud at Unsplash

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