This November it'll be 32 years since the Berlin Wall fell.

After half a century of division, restriction of, well, everything...

the wall fell.

Opening up new possibilities, relationships, and ways of life.

People could finally see their families.

The Stasi's (East-German security service, generally perceived as a fairly impolite bunch) reign ended.

Businesses got access to a whole new country.
(And for the East, a whole world)...

It was magical.

Life was life again.

But sadly...

We see this happening again.

In fact, we see it happening every day.


Building up walls.

Dividing people.

And the worst part?

People think it's good!

They look approvingly at their work.

They think it's for the better.

Any clue what I'm getting at?

... any at all?




Walls in emails.

(Not firewalls.)

Figurative barriers between you and your friends.
(AKA the people you send your emails to AKA your list).


Are you creating a miniature version of the Cold War in your emails?


- Talking at your audience? Instead of talking to them...
- Sending transactional emails? Instead of building a relationship...
- Not sending enough emails? Effectively saying you don't care...

Worth thinking about.

Let me ask you this...

Do you like to feel used?

Most of us... don't. 🙂

And your friends (your "list") are the same. ✌


If you want to move on from the tutorial level in email marketing...

(where you look at vanity metrics, send as an afterthought, treat people like numbers, and worry about your ego...)

... I ask you to carefully re-read this email.

And answer the questions truthfully.

Then go from there.

Or you could just skip that and...

... do nothing.

Reinforce those soulless walls between you and your friends.
(aka your list).

And wonder why sales numbers are declining.

The choice is yours (for a little while longer... until the Stasi comes knocking)


Have a great Ford Mondayo!

- Mats "friends not numbers" Liljeström

Email Copywriting For Course Creators


P.S. I've been asked why I don't promote any money offers ever.

Answer's simple.

I like value. 🙂 And I know you do too.

But recently I stumbled upon something perfect for you...

More on that tomorrow.

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