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Welcome to the first issue of Vanlife Buzz! 

The summer of 2020 will be a different one for the vanlife community. Maybe you won't be able to travel as much as you would want (or anything at all).

Maybe you won't be able to meet as many fellow vanlifers as usual. 

I'm hoping that this newsletter will help you stay inspired, dreaming, and connect you with new and interesting van peers. 

Every week, you'll get this curated newsletter with 4 awesome things from the world of vanlife.

/Jens Lennartsson

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Meet Tanja B.

Tanja B is a full-time artist and digital nomad, currently roaming Europe. From her van Elefriend, she creates the most amazing illustrations of dreamy outdoor motifs. 

She sells them as stickers and coloring books, and it took about 4 seconds from the first time I saw them until I had placed an order in her webshop

Meet Beelzebus

The first time I saw Beelzebus in real life, it was vastly different from what it is now. 

 It took almost a year for Björn and Katja (and the Irish Wolfhound Balthazar) to convert it to the masterpiece it is now. 

Beelzebus has its own Youtube channel, with stunning videos from their travels. If you like the outside, you'll love what they did on the inside!

Meet Roccbox

Yes, it is nice to have a toilet and shower in your van. But who would even have time for showers if you could bake your own sourdough pizza - in your van!?

I don't care what people will say - if I'm gonna be socially distancing in my van this summer, I'm bringing a portable pizza oven

It takes 60 seconds to bake each pizza and I'm never coming back to civilization again.

Meet The Bungee Cord Storage

One of my favorite Youtubers, Laura Kampf, has built several mobile homes in the last few years. At the moment, she is transforming an old horsebox to a caravan.

I've always loved using bungee cord for different storage solutions in the van - it can be used for very convenient and flexible solutions. Laura built one for her own camper van.

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