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Issue #1 



From the Editor

Welcome to The Writing Shorts Newsletter! I hope you'll enjoy this introductory issue!  
This month we're celebrating all things autumn, so make yourself a warm beverage and get ready to settle in with our crossword puzzle and our featured Short-Short, "Come Dancing," which I chose to share with you this month  as a consequence of nostalgia for my own "back to school" days. 
Thank you for being a subscriber, and keep an eye on your inbox; I'll have more FREE fiction heading your way faster than you can say, "warm apple cider!" 

- Jamie Hershberger, Editor/Contributor

Writing for Fun - Fanfiction

by Jamie Hershberger

Writing is
a great way
to take a vacation 
via your imagination.
It can even be a great way to vent your frustrations! 
But, where does one begin? 

Why not start writing for fun!?

What is Fan Fiction?
Fan Fiction (also called fanfiction or fanfic)  is when you take one or more characters from your favorite series and create your own stories for them. You can set these stories in the world they were originally written into, or you can put them into a world of your own creation!

Is Writing Fanfiction Illegal?

Because you do not own the rights to the characters, you cannot sell - or, in many cases, even really publicly publish - your fanfic. However, there are lots of online groups where fanfic is not only welcomed, but sought after and shared privately!  Try Reddit, Facebook, and Wattpad for starters.

Why not try your hand at fanfiction? If you choose to write something, send it to me! I'd love to read it. Happy Writing!

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Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right"

Henry Ford


He was my stage partner for our high school musical, freshman year. He fell for me immediately. I wanted to like him back – he was the smartest guy I'd ever met, and he made me laugh so much – but I never felt physically attracted to him.

We both loved the dance numbers. He loved to slip his arms around my waist and sing into my ear. I loved to close my eyes and pretend that I could love him.

We visited D.C. for our Senior Class Trip. I remember standing with him as he looked wistfully at the White House.

“I'm going to be inside one day,” he'd said, half promise, half premonition.

After High School, he went away to college. I stayed home and married a soldier.

Eventually, he became a lawyer.

Eventually, I became a widow.

He is a Senator, now.

His letter came yesterday – fancy paper bearing a fancy seal and a phone number.

I call it.

He says he is running for President. He says he needs a First Lady.

Turns out, I am “the right type.”

“Come to D.C.,” he says, “dance with me again.”

“Okay,” I say.

We disconnect.

Running my hand over his picture in the paper, I wonder if I will still have to close my eyes.

Crossword Puzzle, October 2020
"That Fall Feeling"
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