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So many plants, so little time!

There's not been a day this spring when I've not wanted to work with a new plant or tree but the ones which have been particularly catching my attention are Bugle, Jack-By-The-Hedge and Hawthorn - all with excellent physical and emotional healing properties. I'll be sharing my journey with these plants over the next few weeks on social media and perhaps in a blog post but first I'd like to share my recent blog about Experiencing The Noble Oak - an insight into the vast and supportive world of our most beloved tree. (scroll down)

Plus we've had such an unexpected demand for our Foundation Plant Spirit Healing Courses in advance of the Way of the Warrior Healing training next year that we've added new dates to accommodate everyone so you don't have to miss out! See below for full details.

Blessings of the plants

Emma & Davyd x

Additional Lady's Mantle & Elder Plant Spirit Healer Training Weekends

Lady's Mantle - 9-11 August '19

Elder - 15-17 November '19

2 Foundation Training Weekends are pre-requisites for the Way Of The Warrior Healer 9 Module Training starting next year and the new additional courses are now open for booking.


Experiencing The Noble Oak (blog post)

Having just finished another plant diet, this time with the magnificent Oak I thought I would share some insights about this tree that at first may not be very apparent. As you know, this tree is the most beloved of our lands and is probably the part of nature that is most entwined with the human psyche. Our ancestors relied so heavily on the Oak for shelter, warmth, tanning leather, feeding animals, healing infections and building ships that the consciousness of the Oak is already alive within us, we actually already know it on a very intimate level. This became apparent to many on the Oak Initiation (plant diet) that we ran in May 2019 and so the qualities of the Oak were easier to perceive as we were simply remembering an old friend. Continue Reading >>

Healer Training Starting 2020


Plant Consciousness / Archetype Training


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