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OMG! We’re over half way through October! That’s crazy. My granddaughters are all abuzz about Halloween. My headspace is filled with Christmas thoughts (more about that below). But at this moment Paul and I are on the coast celebrating our anniversary. Since it’s No. 48, we decided to splurge on the Jabberwok Inn, a charming B&B that we’ve admired for years, right in the heart of Monterey.

I’ll share pics from that trip—and the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium (thank you, sweet Shannon, for your guest passes)—in my next newsletter.

But this week, we’re finishing up the final leg home from our September travels.

We left western Colorado via Grand Junction on our way to Utah.

We’d enjoyed our stay at Lakeside RV Park in Provo so much we decided to spend two nights there—and see some of the sights we missed last spring.

We chose Highway 6 through Price, but stopped north of Moab to see this sweeping panorama that we missed two years ago due to the smoke coming from fires in California and Montana. Pretty impressive.

As we headed north, we watched the dark clouds over the pass dead ahead of us with some trepidation.

Rain. Wind gusts that broadsided our high-profile vehicle. AND road work! Terrible combination. Near the town of Helper. LOL. I want to come back on a clear day, though, because I know I missed a lot.

We were super relieved and grateful to pull into Lakeside RV. The trees had all leafed out in our absence. The snow on the mountains was gone. But the peace and serenity in the midst of a large city was still there.

After a great sleep, we unhooked the Fiat and headed for SUNDANCE. (Yes, that Sundance of Robert Redford Film Festival fame.) And it did not disappoint.

We’d been told to take the ski lift to the top for lunch. Since this was off-season, we bought our tickets and hopped aboard. No waiting. (Also no instructions. We pretty much could have fallen out at any point because nobody mentioned the handy-dandy safety thingee one pulled down as a foot rest and brace. LOL) We relaxed and really enjoyed the trip once we figured this out. 😉

This adventure was one of the highlights of our trip. If you ever have the chance, don’t miss Sundance.

We still had two states to cross, so the next morning we headed to Ely, Nevada, then the following day we angled across the state to slip in the backdoor of California at Benton. We’d enjoyed a stay at the charming, historic Benton Hot Springs B&B a few years ago, but in researching a place to camp for the night, I discovered they also offered rustic camp sites with private hot spring pools. Oh, heck, yes. We were pushing 4,000 miles. A hot soak sounded like heaven…and it was!

When we pulled into our driveway, our trip odometer read: 4,402 miles. It was a great trip. I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of it. We have a few more short trips planned in coming months, then hope to explore the desert Southwest after the first of the year.

The holidays are coming, and you know what that means…


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Look for it in early November. Worst case, it will be a birthday present to/from me on November 11. 😉

Thanks for your continued support and awesome reviews! I so appreciate you all.


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Coming Thursday – 11/3 (if not before): many fishes, much love…



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