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June 2022

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    I am often asked when do you write? It depends. When I was a kid, I found quiet places to sit by myself and write in my notebooks. The backyard, a closet, a long car ride when I did not have to take a role in driving or a conversation sufficed. It wasn’t every day, maybe not even each week, but often enough to make me think I could be a writer when I grew up. 

    When I worked full time as a speech therapist and special education teacher and raised three daughters, my personal writing time was sparse. I was busy mothering, teaching and getting to those home and hearth chores. It was busy—a period in my life I would not trade. If I wrote, it was during the late hours of the night when the house was quiet. During this time, I discovered journaling. I filled notebooks and journals with my angst, gratitudes, fears, plans, and started stories. I continued to think I could be a writer when I grew up.

    Now that I am retired and my home is empty of kids and grandkids, I write more often and consistently. The mornings are my best time. I’m up early just as the birds chirp, brew coffee and quickly stretch before sitting down in front of the laptop or a journal. I fill the hours scribbling, composing, and working out ideas. 

    During this past year, I write alongside other writers via zoom. We sign in, state our goals for the few hours, encourage, advise, then put ourselves on mute, but keep the video on as we write. Our time is accountable. At the end of the session, we unmute and recap our progress.  Having a tribe of writers provides me with camaraderie and grounding. Most days I continue the momentum on my own time. I get so much done. 

    For now, this works for me as I strive to become a writer when I grow up.

Catching Up

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Where Can You Find Me?

Summer nears and I will be on the bay or a beach as often as possible. I will be at a few upcoming events. If you are in the neighborhood. Come by and say HiYa!

May 29th   Riverhead Mosaic Street Festival Riverhead NY

June 5th    Port Washington Harborfest  Port Washington, NY

June 12th  Center Moriches Spring Fair Center Moriches, NY

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Memorial Day

Honoring those who served our country.

Thank you.

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PS:  I changed up the newsletter a bit. Like everything else, it evolves. This one is short, a little personal, a quick read. What do you think? 


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