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Three great YouTube videos about comics!

Once again, it's time to share a bit of what I routinely go to on the internet. Last time I gave out a number of great websites to read about the latest comics. Today I'm highlighting the three most interesting YouTube channels that talk about comics.

Cartoonist Kayfabe

Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg open up right in front of your eyes pages of comics they review. They have many years of comic book making experience under their belts, so they know what they are talking about -down to the printing techniques from the various publishers!

Visit Cartoonist Kayfabe

Chamorro Cinema

I have to give this one some love just because they are just starting up -and they hail from my original home town of Minneapolis! Week by week ramblings, reviews, showcased artist interviews and more! They have humble hit numbers ranging in the low hundreds so pleas check them out!

Visit Cartoonist Chamorro Cinema

Draw and Talk

Want to get more into the nitty gritty of comics, from scripting to penciling inking coloring and beyond? This YouTube channel offers the whole gambit from one man: Tyler Carpenter, a man who has been "making comics since the fourth grade." Agree with him on his opinions or not, he has a lot to offer!

Visit Draw and Talk

There you go!

enjoy and have a great weekend!

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