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Highlighted March Events

Networking and Referrals Make them work for you!

Wednesday, March 13th, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Join Susan McKenney - Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. for an education on Networking for Referrals, a tactical sales strategy to get better quality leads to ideal clients you want, and referrals could be your most effective tool in landing new business. Knowing how to ask for a referral and then taking the necessary steps to successfully turn that referral into a prospect meeting.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
• Develop a repeatable process to secure referrals from your clients and strategic referral partners
• Control the quality and quantity of referrals
• Eliminate "I can't think of anyone right now" when you ask for a referral
• Learn how to develop a clear strategy on finding and receiving referrals strategic referral partners


Authority Marketing: Become a Recognized Expert in the Digital Age

Wednesday, March 27th
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Join Gayle Nowak - The Story Stylist, to learn what it takes to stand out in the marketplace has changed dramatically over the last few years. In order to succeed in our split-second digital economy, one of the biggest jobs of a business owner is to make it easy for clients and customers to justify the decision to do business with you, regardless of cost. The fastest path to doing so is by becoming a recognized expert in your field, but getting there has nothing to do with convincing people you are one.

In this interactive and informative workshop, small business owners will learn:
•How the "microwave mindset" has dramatically altered buying decisions and behaviors
•Top 5 expert myths, and one powerful exercise to embrace your own authority
•What your best prospects are most influenced by, and why only the RIGHT kind of content leads to influence, impact and income
•What authority really means, and 3 steps to leverage it for profitable growth

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