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ChabadMatch Update

Adar 5781 Edition 55

Shadchan Chava Richler to work on ShluchimMatch Shidduchim!

We are excited to announce that Shadchan Chava Richler has been hired to work on Shidduchim for ShluchimMatch! This is an exciting new step for the site in having a Shadchan dedicated to helping Shluchim find Shadchanim for their children. 

We spent a few minutes with Chava:

Q. How did you get involved in Shidduchim?

A. Growing up, I saw how my mother (Mrs. Leah Namdar) was involved in Shidduchim and automatically it made me think of how I can be helpful to other people. Even in high school, If someone was single, I always thought of how I can set them up. Now is an opportunity to take things to the next level with ShluchimMatch, it's an incredible initiative, and a honor to be a part of it. It's so much easier for Shadchanim to work with a database with detailed resumes.

Q. What Shidduchim do you focus on?

A. Right now, I'm focusing on ShluchimMatch, which is helping Shluchim specifically, and through that work it will include helping Anash as well. For anyone that reaches out, I'm happy to look into potential suggestions.

Q. What advice do you have for parents/singles in the Parsha?

A. It's very helpful to create a detailed profile on the site, preferably with a picture which makes a big difference for Shadchanim when seeing a profile. It's important to open your hearts and mind regarding suggestions, and to think out of the box.

Chava Richler can be reached at or on WhatsApp at +1-718-820-2912

Opportunity to Suggest a Shidduch

Ever had an idea for a Shidduch but weren't sure how to suggest it? You can submit the idea at and Shadchan Chava Richler of the ShluchimMatch office will look into it. Should the idea lead to a successful Shidduch, you will receive a portion of the Shadchan gelt.

250+ Meetings Between Shadchanim and Shluchos at the Kinus!

It has become a tradition at the Kinus HaShluchos for Shadchanim to have the opportunity to meet with Shluchos around the world regarding Shidduchim for their children. 

In past years, many engagements have developed thanks to the networking that takes place at the Kinus. This year, a record-breaking 26 Shadchanim made themselves available to meet with Shluchos via video, and over 250 meetings took place!  

Many thanks to the Shadchanim that participated: Yehudis Abramowitz (Jerusalem), Rachel Babai (Bnei Brak), Shandel Blassberg (Crown Heights), Libby Chein (Crown Heights), Chaya Cohen (Crown Heights), Rochel Duchman (Los Angeles), Raizy Edelman (Crown Heights), Gitel Chaya Fogel (Crown Heights), Leah Gansburg (Crown Heights), Rina Gershowitz (Israel), Shoshana Goodman (Israel), Rachel Gov-Ari (Israel), Daliah Kurzweil (Ukraine), Yitzchok Lebovics (Montreal), Fruma Lipsker (Israel), Leah Lipszyc (Tzefas), Nili Lokshin (Russia), Chana Margolin (Israel), Chani Marinovsky (Israel), Noach Pawliger (Atlanta), Leah Perl (Los Angeles), Moishe Raitman (Chicago), Chani Raksin (Crown Heights), Cyna Reisman (Boston), Chava Richler (Crown Heights), Sarah Yarmush (Crown Heights).

Successful Shidduch #202!!

The Choson relates: Shadchan Noach Pawliger found my profile on ChabadMatch and introduced me to my Kallah!"


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