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Connecticut Rivers Council

CEO Steven Smith


For Immediate Release

Doing Our Part: Connecticut Rivers Council

East Hartford, CT, The Connecticut Rivers Council: Boy Scouts of America would like to thank all of our Scouts and Scouters who are not sitting idle and are doing their part to support the fight against Covid-19.  

We will highlight stories from our Scouts who are making a difference every day in their community.  Inspired by their Troop leader who is an ICU nurse, Troop 180 out of Lebanon, CT started sewing masks.  The have completed over 100 hand sewn masks to date.   Troop 19 and Troop 2019 from New Hartford, CT are using a home 3D-printer to print masks for a local medical facility.  Troop and Pack 21 out of Putnam, CT arranged a town wide food drive to support people in need.  Then in Gales Ferry, CT Troop 12 is running a food delivery program to the elderly in the community.  Meanwhile in Simsbury, CT Troop 175 and 1175  have prototyped a number of different face shields. The full supply chain of materials (spanning three countries) and training of Scouts has been done online with Zoom classes and we anticipate to be in full production at over 30 houses by Wednesday and the first run will be 1,000 face shields. All shields parts are kitted but the kitting crew and dropped at the leaders house then they brief from afar when the families come and pick them up . They return them and isolate the completed kits for two days to make sure they are virus free and then deliver to the hospitals. It’s a great exercise for the Troops and they get to be part of a support system for the people who really are put on the line at the hospitals.

These examples are just some of the good work our Scouts are doing statewide.  The Connecticut Rivers Council has also opened up our camp facilities to quarantined doctors and nurses and we donated all of our surplus of popcorn to local front liners.  As Council we support all our Scouts efforts and we will continue to be community partners.  We hope all of Connecticut stay safe during this public crisis.  We also want to thank all front liners who are saving lives and providing critical services allowing our Scouts and Scouters to stay home, and stay safe.

The Connecticut Rivers Council proudly serves over 13,000 boys and girls throughout Connecticut with the time-tested leadership training program of Scouting. The Connecticut Rivers Council will enthusiastically meet new challenges head-on and continue to offer quality programming and services to the communities we serve.

Yours in the Community,

Connecticut Rivers Council


Connecticut Rivers Council

60 darlin st, East Hartford
CT 06108 United States


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