February PAW This Month!

PAW Dog of the Month: Clyde


Clyde is a 1.5 year old, 58 lb., English Coonhound. He is a very sweet and active boy.  He can be a little shy when meeting new people. Clyde loves to be outside and run around and would make a great running buddy. He is good with other dogs, however we are not sure about cats or small children.  

Thank you for helping Clyde find his forever home!

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PAW Cats of the Month: Eloise & Liliac


Eloise is a super sweet white and grey female born about April or May of 2020. She is best friends with her sister Liliac, who is a striking mostly gray female, also born about April or May of 2020 - they would like to be adopted together please!

Eloise and her sister Liliac are both very friendly and affectionate. They like to play and sleep together and look forward to growing up with each other.

Eloise and Liliac are currently at a shelter in rural VA, and if we find them a good match, PAW will transport them to the DC area. If you would like to meet Eloise and Liliac via a Facetime or Zoom video call, as well as ask questions about them, please complete the application here:  https://bit.ly/3ryW2Qd and we will be in touch.

If you would like to learn more about Eloise and Liliac, please contact Annaliesa at catmanager@paw-rescue.org.

Thank you for helping Eloise and Liliac find their forever home!

Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities!

Watch a Fabulous Documentary AND contribute to PAW at the Same Time!

PAW has partnered with Magnolia Pictures and 360 Degree Communications for this fantastic opportunity to showcase Stray, a new documentary that is being released on March 5th (synopsis below), and raise money for PAW! The film has already garnered a ton of buzz and even won some awards!

The BEST part is you can view the film from HOME! It's never been this easy to watch a new film AND support your favorite charity! For each ticket (link) purchased, PAW will receive a portion of the proceeds. You will have 7 days to watch the film and 72 hours once you start the movie.

And guess what?! By purchasing a ticket, you won't only have the opportunity to watch this amazing documentary...you'll ALSO get a chance to view an exclusive Q&A with Stray director Elizabeth Lo and filmmaker Rachel Grady!

Purchase your ticket today - and don't forget to share with your friends and family!

Here is the synopsis: Through the eyes of its stray dogs wandering the streets of Istanbul, Stray explores what it means to live as a being without status or security. As they search for food and shelter, three dogs—Zeytin, Nazar, and Kartal—embark on inconspicuous journeys through Turkish society that allow us an unvarnished portrait of human life. Whether they lead us into decrepit ruins or bustling streets, the gaze of strays act as windows into the overlooked corners of society: women in loveless marriages, protesters without arms, refugees without sanctuary. Through their canine eyes, we are shown a human world ruptured by divisions along class, ethnic, and gender lines.

The film is both a critical observation of human civilization through the unfamiliar gaze of dogs, and a sensory voyage into new ways of seeing and being from a position of extreme marginalization. It is at this intersection that Stray seeks to shed light on Turkey’s societal convulsions through the observations of Zeytin and her companions —both human and nonhuman.


"A howling success… not to be missed” - The Hollywood Reporter

“The ultimate love letter to dogs” Variety

“Dog lovers will drool over this profound canine love letter from Turkey” IndieWire

 “Placing among the upper ranks of films for dog lovers, “Stray” [reveals] not only the wholesomeness of humans’ four-legged best friends, but also the soulful voice of an exciting new filmmaker with immense moral queries on her mind.” - Tomris Laffly, Variety

Watch the Stray Trailer Here!

How Maryland and Federal Employees Can Help PAW

Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): is a workplace charitable giving program that offers State Employees and eligible Retirees the opportunity to contribute to charities using the convenience of payroll deduction. Currently, more than 800 charities participate in the campaign, including PAW.  If you are a MD State employee or eligible retiree and would like to donate to PAW through the MCC, please go to:  https://mcc.maryland.gov/. Thank you!

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): About 85% of PAW expenses this year will be for veterinary care and boarding for our rescue animals. Our funding is entirely dependent on individual bequests, donations at fundraising events, the website, and the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC is the workplace charitable donation vehicle for active and retired federal employees and contractors, and represents more than 22,000 charities. We receive about 20% of our income through CFC, a 50% decline over recent years. Donations to all CFC charities are down and this year's fundraising atmosphere will be particularly challenging. If we are to continue to rescue, heal, and place animals at our current pace, we need to raise significantly more CFC funds. If you are an active or retired federal employee and would like to donate through CFC, please be sure to speak with your agency CFC coordinator. You can also ask your CFC coordinator to get us an invitation to their charity fair!  CFC events occur primarily between early October and mid-November on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in helping at one of the fairs, please contact Sanjeeta at psanjeeta@gmail.com. You do not need to be a federal employee or retiree to help at the fairs. We really appreciate your help! 

Donate Your Birthday!

Do you have a birthday coming up? As you may know, Facebook allows you to campaign for the nonprofit of your choice for your birthday. We'd love it if you would campaign for PAW! Need help getting started? Click the button below for step-by-step directions. Thank you for your generosity, and Happy Birthday!

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Feline DIY Enrichment

From our friends at the ASPCA...

Enrichment is essential for cats and kittens of all ages and keeping your cat’s environment as exciting and stimulating as possible will promote a happy and healthy life.

The following are great DIY projects that will keep you and your cat entertained and busy during prolonged time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please ensure that you are always closely and actively supervising your cat(s) while DIY items are accessible. If your cat attempts to ingest an item, remove it immediately from their mouth

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