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June 2019

Hello June!

Welcome to June News!! Is it really June? Already?? I've been busy beavering away and completing commissioned pieces since the last news edition!  In fact, the opening piece above, 'A Day In May', was one of them! Due to exhibition commitments last year, I did very few commissions, so this year I'm right back on them! I haven't created floral work for quite some time so the piece above was good for me!! In fact, I was so pleased with it, I've published it as a limited edition print!! 

As you will see later on, I'm currently working on something a little different to usual...

Scilly Inspiration!!

I was lucky enough to be invited to spectate the awesome World Pilot Gig Rowing Championships in May, in the gorgeous Isles of Scilly.  What an event! I loved the colours, the energy, the passion and of course, the stunning setting. I came away with hundreds of photos and oodles of inspiration. Needless to say, it will all be portrayed in a piece of textile art at some point!!!

It was a super weekend celebrating a fabulous sport and enjoying a special place. 

Latest Work!

Two new additions to the SouthWest Showcase collection!!! 

'Hope Cove'

You may recall I was working on this one in the last newsletter! 'Hope Cove' is one of Devon's most charming spots.  So much to capture here and that's what I love about it.  The fishing boats, lobster pots, quaint cottages, the busy days, the quiet days, the fun of the seaside - it's all here. A great piece to create and I had such pleasure delivering this original to it's new home last week.


The picturesque village of St Agnes in Cornwall, fondly known as 'Aggie'. What I love so much about this place is the traditional unspoilt Cornish feel that you can't help but notice here. Surf, tin mines, seagulls, happy hour. Simply Cornwall. 

Both of these pieces are available as limited edition prints. Here's the link to the SouthWest Showcase collection for more details.


Dabbling In Abstracts!

I'm flexing the creative muscles and dabbling in some semi abstract work! I've have been intending to experiment with abstracts for soooo long and finally I've made a start!

Abstract art uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to represent a place, emotion or theme. Textiles can add another dimension to this style and I'm hoping to achieve this in an atmospheric depiction of the ocean. This is very early stage - there's a lot 'texturising' yet to do! 

It's definitely a 'marmite' style of art and not for everyone but I'm hoping to add something a little different and create an atmospheric and engaging piece of semi-abstract art that will appeal to lovers as well as non lovers of abstracts! There, I've set my challenge!

This is going to be a vast piece and I'm so enjoying this expressive creativity. All artists need to follow their instincts and try something different from time to time - its how we grow and learn. It will be interesting to see the response to this!! 

Studio Location Reminder!!

Just a reminder that my art studio has moved from Ermington to my home in Yealmpton.  It seems my old studio does keep popping up on the internet when people search for me, especially on Trip Advisor. Apologies for any confusion.  I can certainly confirm I am not planning to move from this one and here it is, getting greener by the week! 

I am more than happy for people to come and visit - just drop me a line by email or give me a call. Appointments are best so I can make sure I'm there for you!

jackiegaleart@gmail.com or 07513 439689 or via my social media messages if you prefer. 

I'd love to see you! 

Happy Feedback!

I've been so touched by the fabulous reviews I've been left on my Google business page over the last few weeks. Every review is hugely appreciated and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to do this.  If you have bought any of my work and/or would like to write a review about my art / your experience, I would be extremely grateful! 

Here's the link to my Google business page if you'd like to add one.. You'll see my business page to the right of the screen - if you click on the reviews it will take you to where you can write one.  

Click Here To Write A Review!

Thank you lovely people! X


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