No One Eats Alone Day

  is around the corner

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No One Eats Alone Day is on Friday Feb 18

The start of FebYOUary Implementation Gut Club

Here is a fascinating story about an application of fermentation ….

A Russian-Australian woman put sauerkraut in her husband’s ear. “Her grandmother came to her in a dream and reminded her that when she was a young girl in Russia, they would use sauerkraut poultices any time someone had any weird skin irregularity.

When the woman woke up, she told her husband of her dream.

The man was scheduled for surgery to remove a skin cancer in his ear.

He agreed to let his wife try her home remedy.

The skin cancer disappeared. 

“No man is lonely while eating spaghetti”

Robert Morley

We will share a rustic fermented gut-loving pasta along with many fun, fast and fabulous food, full of stories. 

There's still a couple of days left, so make sure to book your spot. Local people can join me in person. 

So hurry to make sure you don't miss your chance to start your story!  Be a gut-loving warrior!! 

Already a member of The Gut Club... we will post ingredient list tomorrow. I cannot wait to share them with you.