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Lodge Chief Message

“He who serves his fellows is, among all his fellows, greatest” (E. Urner Goodman). The theme for Tahosa Lodge this year is "Live To Serve." We have made it part of our initiative to instill the values of service within the lodge over the past eight months. That is why we are preparing a new program for the subsequent year: the Denver Area Council Service Clearing House. An extension to our website with the goal of connecting troops, crews, and ships to community service opportunities. This, among other service opportunities, is going to be released in the upcoming year. We look forward to experiencing the next year with you.

In order to plan and prepare for 2019, we will be hosting our first annual Lodge Member Meeting - also known as LAMM or Lodge Annual Member Meeting. This will be a day of sessions with keynote speakers and lodge announcements. All members of Tahosa Lodge are highly encouraged to join us.

In regards to all members joining us, we hope that you can staff Cuboree with us. Cuboree is a weekend-long fun event for Cub Scouts. We need scouting aged boys and adults who can help us run the various areas throughout Magness Adventure Camp such as rubber band shooting, rope making, fire tower guiding, and more! The goal of our event is to spark the passion of Cub Scouts for camping. To register to be on staff visit our website tahosalodge.org

Finally, Fall Fellowship is coming up and it is going to be a day-long extravaganza of games, food, and naturally, fellowship - all only a short distance from home at the Stapleton Conservatory Green. We will also be electing the 2019 officer positions during this weekend. Therefore, our goal is to get 250 members of the lodge in attendance.

The Order of the Arrow’s fall season is going to be a blast. We are taking every opportunity we can to serve the community, observe our brotherhood, and come together before the end of the year. It is my pleasure to serve you this year, and I hope to see you at the upcoming lodge events.


Live to serve,

Phillip Alvarez

2018 Lodge Chief 


Lodge Adviser Message

Greetings Fellow Arrowmen!

It has been quite the summer for many of us, I am sure.   For myself, I spent about 25 days working at and visiting our council camps helping out where needed and working on promoting our lodge and the Order of the Arrow among the camp staff, professional staff and visitors to our camp.   I have to say, this was the highlight of my summer.

Only to be followed by an awesome trip to our national conference. The NOAC experience is something I hope that every member has a chance to attend at some point in their lifetime.  It is truly a great experience.

I want to talk about some important events coming up.

First, we are sponsoring the council Cub-O-Ree for the second year in a row. This is happening in two weeks on Sept 14-16th. We need your help staffing this event!   This is one of the few things that our lodge does on an annual basis that doesn’t necessarily serve only the Order of the Arrow, but provides a big service and opportunity to new families that have recently joined Cub Scouts.  By having our lodge run this event, we stand up the best in scouting and provide the best possible program for these families.   We need you to help us out.  Please go to our lodge website, tahosalodge.org and sign up to help staff this event.    Your help is greatly appreciated.

Second, we have Fall Fellowship coming up!   No more having to drag your tent out and camp.   Our new event will be exciting and will have some new twists and turns that we haven’t seen before, especially with our chapter competition. Who will win the cony cup?  Will it be your chapter?  The only way to make sure is to be there and compete!  Towards the end of the day, our youth will be holding our annual lodge elections.   This is a critical part of our lodge as who is elected to become lodge chief becomes the top elected youth leader in the Denver Area Council. This is a tremendously rewarding opportunity as they will be able to attend some very important council events and will hold a voting position on the council executive board for the year that they are elected.

Third, we have a new type of event this year that enhances our lodge leadership development efforts of previous years. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the first annual Lodge Annual Membership Meeting to be held on November 3rd. Participants will receive a free gift for this inaugural event and best of all the event will be FREE to our members.

I want to thank everyone for all that they have been doing to keep our lodge running smoothly.


Billy Reynolds

Lodge Adviser


Cub-O-Ree Staff Registration

Howdy Partner,

We need your help making this year Cub-O-Ree a success. We need staff and a lot of them. Join us at the Magness Adventure Camp on the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch.

There are two sessions:

Session 1 September 14-15

Session 2 September 15-16

Sign up for one or sign up for both! We need your help.

Register Now!

2018 Fall Fellowship

2018 Fall Fellowship is Saturday, October 20.

This year's theme is the Tahosa Cony Olympics. We are changing things up because PV is closed for renovation. We are moving Fall Fellowship to the Stapleton Conservatory Green in Denver. Come join us for a day of chapter competitions, officer elections, food, fellowship, and fun. Save the date registration will open soon. 


Lodge Annual Members Meeting

Come join us Saturday, November 3 for the first-ever Lodge Annual Members Meeting. The day gets started with a year in review look back on 2018 in Tahosa Lodge. Then join us at one of our many spark sessions on topics such as Arrowhead Trial, National Events, OA Service Corp, Patches, Leadership and more. The event is free and lunch is included!

Registration is coming soon. We look forward to you joining us.


NOAC In Review

The 2018 trip to NOAC was an amazing experience for Tahosa lodge and the three other lodges that joined our contingent to make a super contingent! We had loads of fun! For those of you who don’t know what NOAC is, it is basically Jamboree but only for OA members. Tahosa lodge dressed as the purple bishop and we got purple swag including purple capes! If you are interested in going to NOAC in 2020, I highly advise you to sign up. it is worth it! We had a great time at NOAC and I look forward to NOAC 2020!

Yours in scouting,

Jayce Letson

2018 NOAC Chairman


NLS / DYLC - National Training Events 10/12 to 10/14

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training program focusing on leadership development. Run by the Region Chief and his Advisers, it provides an in-depth look at leadership skills and techniques. An NLS discusses how these skills can be applied in your role in the OA and in other aspects of your life. The National Leadership Seminar is a weekend conference on the skills and attributes of leadership. It is intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their services to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community. Near the end of the seminar, participants make a contract with themselves to apply the skills studied in the seminar on projects in their lodge, council, and community.

Register Now

White Buffalo Update

Hello, this Trevor Lantz the White Buffalo Chapter Chief. I hope you all had a great summer and are all ready to get back into OA fun. 

Read More 


Medicine Bear Update

Hello fellow arrow men,

This month Medicine Bear had an ice cream social with Tomahawk throwing at our meeting! Right now we are gearing up for fall fellowship and Cub-O-Ree. For our next chapter meeting, we will be at 3935 W 73rd Ave, Westminster, CO from 6:30pm-8:00pm on September 13th.

Thank you,

Paul Alvarez

Chapter Chief


From the Ordeal Chair

This year I had the privilege of becoming the Brotherhood Chairman, but that all changed when the Vice Chief of Inductions won the election for Section Chief! That means he had to leave his position of VC of Inductions, which bumped me up to the job of Ordeal Chairman! I now run the main part of the Cony Party, as well as make the schedule for the Cony Party, and make sure the Cony Party runs as smoothly as possible. There’s one more Cony Party until the year is over, the other two that I was Ordeal Chairman for went about as smoothly as I could make them. I hope Cony 4 goes as planned. Thank you for reading my article about the Ordeal Chairman position and the two previous Cony Parties.

Yours in scouting,

Jayce Letson.

2018 Ordeal Chairman.



If you have been an OA member for 10 or more months. You are now eligible to take the next step in your OA journey by completing your brotherhood. Brotherhood is how you seal your membership in the OA. You are not redoing your Ordeal. We have a special program that starts Friday night and wraps up Sunday morning. The best part is you can talk. To complete your brotherhood, sign up for an upcoming cony party.  For more information visit https://tahosalodge.org/brotherhood/.


2018 Event Calendar

Visit the 2018 Event Calendar

Membership Requirement

We want to send out a reminder that in order to be a member of our lodge, you must have a current, valid BSA registration. If you have aged out of your troop or you are an adult that has moved on to bigger and better challenges when your son aged out, it is likely that you are not being automatically re-registered with that troop. We want you to follow up with your troop, district or council committee to make sure you are currently registered with the BSA.  

Particularly for the adults, we will be going through and doing an audit later this year to make sure that you are currently registered with the BSA. Please help us maintain our membership levels by following up with your registration and also please keep current with your lodge dues.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need help getting re-registered, please contact our Lodge Adviser, Billy Reynolds or our Lodge Staff Adviser, Kevin J. Fox.    Contact info and links can be found at tahosalodge.org.


Pay Your Dues

All Arrowmen must pay annual dues to maintain their active membership in Tahosa Lodge. 2018 dues are $17. You must pay your dues to participate in lodge events. Wear the Flap, Pay the Dues.

Pay Here

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