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Imagine, if you will . . .

. . . Nicky’s and my concern to see, in the early balmy sunshine this morning (it’s Tuesday mid-day right now), Mike and Sheryl beating a hasty retreat (with dogs secreted and secured in the Smithmobile suitably gagged and bound), for parts northward and the relative calm of England’s Lake District. But, heck, after all, the full PS team can be found pretty much any day of the week, writing, designing and generally scribbling . . . so it makes sense for M&S (who, as you may well note, share an acronym with a well-known retail chain regularly to be found in a myriad British high streets sporting clothes and foodstuffs aplenty) to catch up with some reading and get a little rest and relaxation. And wouldn’t you know it, both he and Sheryl have already been on the phone with various projects and while Nick Gevers is immersed in the forthcoming re-boot of NEW WORLDS not to mention a surprise BEST OF POSTSCRIPTS. Meanwhile I’ve been kind of playing truant—well, heck, why not. So I’ve re-read a few gems including Clifford Simak’s ‘The Big Front Yard’, Lester del Ray’s ‘Helen O’Loy’, Erskine Caldwell’s ‘The Strawberry Season’ from AMERICAN EARTH, Ramsey Campbell’s Çall First’ (you really SHOULD have all this stuff in print versions but certainly one of them—the Campbell—is available in audio if you click the link here:

So, treat yourself and give it a listen. Let me know if YOU have any recommendations when we meet up next week.

The increase cost of air freight.

We've had a few queries regarding the increase in postage to the US and Canada so it's worth repeating the statement from the Royal Mail who say that these prices changes are the result of exceptional cost increases outside of their control:

  • Last year, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues themselves so they could increase how much they charge other countries for delivery thus averting their threat to leave the global network. As a consequence, we've seen a significant increase of over 100% in the rates Royal Mail pay for last-mile delivery in the US from the 1st of July.
  • Also, there have been 95% fewer air passenger flights as a result of Covid-19 and so RM are having to use air freight instead. This has led to a five-fold increase in conveyance costs to the US.

Royal Mail say that they are closely monitoring the cost of conveyance and may reduce prices accordingly in the future.  UK and European destinations have not been impacted by the price rises.

Just in from our friends at Cemetery Dance . . .

THE BEST OF CEMETERY DANCE II showcases the very finest short stories from issues 26 to 50 of Cemetery Dance magazine, picking up where the acclaimed and award-winning first "Best of" volume left off!

Featuring a virtual "who's who" of today's greatest authors of dark fiction, THE BEST OF CEMETERY DANCE II will be one of the most important anthologies of the year. Just a handful of the contributors include Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Peter Straub, Bentley Little, Michael Marshall Smith, Ray Garton, Jack Ketchum, Douglas Clegg, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe R. Lansdale, Nancy A. Collins, Peter Crowther, Norman Partridge, Ed Gorman, William F. Nolan, F. Paul Wilson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Simon Clark, Richard Christian Matheson, David J. Schow, Stewart O'Nan, Glen Hirshberg, Ramsey Campbell, and dozens of others!

We've only a handful of copies at £40, so grab one quick whilst you can, and whilst you're at it, have a peek at some of our CD titles.

Nicky's Newsround

Gio Clairval in Italy has received and signed the final sheet for THE UNQUIET DREAMER. They are coming back to PS and then going out to Anna Tambour in Australia. After that I think there are two more signatures from authors slightly closer to home.

Angela Slatter has received the signing sheet for the signed and slipcased edition of WE ALL HEAR STORIES IN THE DARK by Rob Shearman and are coming back to PS TOWERS before we send them out to Lisa Tuttle and the rest of the contributors. Rob has also been in touch to say that he has completed the 101 handwritten cards that will be coming out with this edition. I bet there was a great deal of puffing and sighing as he got closer to the end.

Mark Morris was in touch yesterday to say that he was just about to return the completed signing sheet for THE STUDIO OF SCREAMS which means that all contributors ( Stephen R.Bissette; Christopher Golden; Tim Lebbon; Mark Morris and Stephen Volk) have completed the signing. Hurrah!

I talked to Nigel at Biddles just now and he tells me that copies of the signed editions of Darren Speegles’s FIERCE AND FERTILE TOMORROW and Paul Kane’s THE STORM will be delivered to us on Wednesday.

Our slipcase manufacturers McCarthy’s are nearly back to normal with their work force and are very busy catching up with everything. We can expect to receive the slipcases for FANTASTIC FICTIONEERS edited by Pete Von Sholly some time next week. Slipcases for THE RETROSPECTIVE AND OTHER PHANTASMAGORICAL STORIES by Ramsey Campbell; THE COMPLETE RYNOSSEROS by Terry Dowling and WE ALL HEAR STORIES IN THE DARK by Robert Shearman are all in various stages of production.

Back to Pete

Thanks, Nicky.

Okay kids, that’s about it for this week—more news next time. Look after each other until then. Late summer (aka Autumn) continues to hang around the seashore and prop its bony shoulders against the main gate of the Towers. Tell it Pete says ‘Hey!’ Look after each other. Hugs from Hornsea.


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