Fun printable games and activities for everyone!

Printable Fun for the Entire Family!

Hey there! What's new with you? Are you ready for some hands-on messy (and not-so-messy!) creative fun today? 

We're bringing you some SUPER fun arts and crafts ideas that are sure to stretch your imagination and fill your day with joy! Try one of them or all of them to make your day extra fun!

EASY Artistic Fun for ALL Ages!

With parental supervision (and assistance for the tiny tots), all of these ideas are lots of fun for all age groups, so the whole family can join in the fun!

  • Use this classic printmaking technique to make super cool Foam Prints (you can even use recycled takeout containers)! 
  • Introduce your child to the world of dots with this creative Pointillism Q-Tip Art project!
  • Kids of all ages can easily create incredible Artwork in the Style of Piet Mondrian!
  • Have you heard of wycinanki? It's the Polish folkart of paper cutting, and it's incredible! Depending on age and skill level, you can make this colorful Wycinanki Artwork with simple or more complex shapes. 
  • These Shaving Cream Easter Eggs are SO much fun for all ages (and if you don't celebrate Easter, you can make them in other shapes as well!)! 
  • Learn about Henri Matisse and then create bold Cutout Art in his style! 
  • Everyone in the family will enjoy making these Splatter Painted Initials

Stay safe and well!

XOXO, Heidi


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