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Isabella Grandic | June 2020
Female Health Projects, Reading and TKS Analytics


Did another month already go by ?! You know what they say: "time flies when you're studying hormonal interactions, building databases on Notion and going on 12h walks."

I'm going to quit the preamble and dive right into: 

  • My Project Updates 
  • My Personal Updates 
  • What I've Been Reading/Listening To - That You Might Also Love

Before we dive in - I'll be doing a webinar about "getting started in cellular agriculture", on July 9th at 11 am for students. If you know any students interested, or if you're interested feel free to register below. 

Project Updates

Maternal Health in Nigeria

Proposals, Budgeting & Training Curriculum 

It's month 3 working on our maternal health project! We're distributing misoprostol, a postpartum hemorrhage preventative drug, in Nigeria. We're currently working with on-ground partners to finalize details like drug pricing, logistics and monitoring. 🎉 I'll update you with the official proposal once it's done. 

NEW PROJECT: Hormone Tracking

Hormonally Customized Exercise, Diet + Productivity

I've started an experiment where I'm tracking my basal body temperature, cervical fluid water levels and LH metabolites in urine - more info on my bio-experimenting coming next month 😎. It's been fascinating to read papers on this topic; this one has been my favourite. I wrote my draft independent study project for Biology class on hormonal changes during the second half of the cycle if you're interested.

Expanding TKS to Vancouver & LA 

Digital Marketing

If I'm not thinking about female healthcare, I'm a "swiss army knife" working at TKS. I've done a lot of new projects this month like running search ads and building marketing infrastructure into Notion (like UTM tracking). On top of this, I've been learning about optimizing/operating tools like Figma, Notion and Google Ad Suite. (PS. This is an awesome Notion resource to learn how to leverage the platform)

Personal Updates
Loooooong Walks

My friend and I wanted to walk really far. It was to try to develop empathy for women in rural Sub-Saharan Africa who walk hours roundtrip to receive care for their pregnancies. It was a 12h (!) walk. 50km / 31 miles.

Here's a blog post I wrote with my raw thoughts on the journey. 

If you want the TL;DR here's my thread on twitter. 

A New 🐕‍🦺

My family got a new puppy - named Winter. (He's the one on the right - the one on the left is Summer. Yes, we get a big kick out of their names).

The puppy training we're doing on Winter has made me understand how powerful positive reinforcement + repetition is in changing behaviours. I wonder what would happen if we brought some principles of dog training into education systems?

Overall, I've been reading books & papers, writing and doing more math/data management. I feel really great and "authentic." 

Spending time outdoors and making room for "enjoyment" (aka books) has made me feel great. I feel more focused during my days while accomplishing more overall. 

One action I've started taking is removing something from my todo list at the start of the day. And then not replacing it with something else. My brain is always trying to do more and more. So, I'm trying to train the tendency to not always feel the need to "do." 

What I've Been Consuming

In June I tried to consume less but digest more. Here are 4 faves: 

The Benjamin Franklin Biography

By: Walter Isaacson (Thanks for the recommendation Shiv!)

In the Flo, Women's Health Audio Book

By: Alissa Vitti (Thanks for the recommendation Roberta + Arisa!)

Coach George Raveling Podcast

On the Tim Ferriss Show

Understanding the Trust Equation

Webinar with Charles H. Green (Thanks for the recommendation Tunde!)

❤️ Thanks for Reading! If you found this update interesting and/or if you have ideas for improvement, please let me know 😄.  

👋 See you in July!

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