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11.04.18 Contents:
Seven principles of social care
Adapting sports for older adults
Accessible property
An RDA for gardening!
Now what can I eat?
Latest - GHG Launch; AccessAdvisr prize draw
1. Seven principles of social care

We are all waiting with bated breath for the publication of the government's Green Paper on social care, sometime later this year.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt's publication of Seven Key Principles may provide some clues to what we should expect...

See what you think here.


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2. Adapting sports for older adults

With a third of the population left out of breath by walking up a flight of stairs, and nearly 10% struggling to pick something up from the floor, many of us could do with a bit more exercise in our lives.

It becomes more difficult as you get older, but never stops being important. If you are physically fit, you are less likely to fall, and more likely to remain mobile and independent.

A number of national governing bodies have now adapted their sports to suit older adults – a welcome initiative that provides more opportunities to have fun and build fitness. 

Read more here


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3. Accessible property

Anyone who has tried looking will know that there is a chronic shortage of accessible homes in Britain.

At the same time, there are potential properties out there – but they need viewing with an expert eye to see whether or not they are suitable for the house hunter.

Branch Properties provide just such an individual service, as well as project management if your potential dream home needs some adaptations.

Find out more on their showcase page


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4. An RDA for gardening!

One sector of the population is actually getting plenty of exercise – certainly at this time of year. Gardeners!

All the gardening chores we carry out keep us moving and burn calories, as well as improving mental health, and ensuring a top up of vitamin D, when the sun shines.

One gardening expert has even come up with an RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of 30 minutes...

We have accessible gardening tips here.


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5. Now what can I eat?

On Good Friday last year, 28-year-old Pippa Kent underwent a life-saving operation – a double lung transplant.

The surgery saved her life, but one consequence which she hadn’t anticipated was the daily reality of following a diet for those who are immune suppressed – which she will have to do indefinitely.

Being a foodie, her solution is to produce a beautiful cookbook full of recipes donated by chefs and restaurateurs, which are safe for anyone with a suppressed immune system. But she needs to crowdfund the project to make it a reality.

Read her story here


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6. Latest - GHG Launch; AccessAdvisr prize draw

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, Abacus Healthcare and Access walk-in baths have a new parent company. Gainsborough Healthcare Group draws together all these brands into a holistic bathing group with a 30 year track record of expertise and innovation.

You can find out more here.


And finally, the winner of the AccessAdvisr prize draw has been announced – more here


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