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Welcome to this week's Independent Living news roundup.

26.08.20 Contents:

Holding onto Hope accessible fashion

 Pioneering solution from AAT

 Access to Work extended

 Considering face coverings

 Hate crime survey

Holding onto Hope

1. Holding onto Hope

Philip Anderson has written another moving and compelling article for Independent Living.

Holding onto Hope is his account of struggling with despair in the face of a degenerative condition that refused to respond to treatment.

Hopes raised and dashed, and finally full recognition of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in a life that may have become circumscribed, but still has purpose and pleasures.

Read Holding onto Hope here

Kate Stanforth wears hoodie

2. accessible fashion

It feels as if the fashion industry is finally waking up to the value of the purple pound. And people with impairments can contemplate choosing clothes rather than just buying what is available. is a new British brand, designing clothes for wheelchair users, such as the inclusive, unisex hoodie worn here by Kate Stanforth. It does come in other colours! is the project of Holly Yendell and her father/business partner, the well-known mouth and foot painting artist Tom Yendell.

Read more here

Universal Back For AAT Stair climbers

3. Pioneering solution from AAT

Occupational therapists are all too familiar with the frustration of waiting on home adaptations or custom-made equipment in order to get people safely back home from hospital.

AAT has a neat solution in the form of a Universal Back for their stairclimbers, which means they can be instantly and cost-effectively adapted to fit any user - young or old, large or small.

More details here

Access to work scheme Extended

4. Access to Work extended

COVID-19 has made working life different for very many of us.

The government has recognised some of the changing realities for people with disabilities and long-term conditions by extending the scope of Access to Work.

The grant scheme which provides support with extra costs can now be used for such items as taxi fares if public transport is too risky, and specialist equipment to enable working from home rather than going back to the office.

More details here

Win Health's Washable Masksave Face masks

5. Considering face coverings

In common, no doubt, with other information websites, Independent Living has been receiving dozens of enquiries about the wearing of face coverings and exemption from doing so.

We have updated information about where they should now be worn, as well as how to obtain an exemption card if a disability or condition makes wearing one impossible.

We also have news of some excellent washable masks from Win Health (shown here) which many people find easier to wear.

Find out more here

Hate crime survey

6. Hate crime survey

Disability Horizons has partnered with Leonard Cheshire to find out how many people have been affected by disability hate crime, particularly during the lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic. 

They are campaigning for this horrible crime to be taken more seriously.

Take the online survey here

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