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My name is Eugene, I am Nadiya clinic marketing manager.

Our clinic provides a full range of ivf/icsi/imsi services, including professional medical consultation, diagnostics, fertility treatment, egg donation, embryo banking. As we are expanding our partner base, we offer you an opportunity to start cooperation.

Refer a patient for IVF treatment and earn 10% of package price!

You can find out more about the the clinic here. But before you start exploring our website, let me elaborate on the advantages of working with us for your patients:

90% "Effective program" success rate

One of the higest success rates in IVF industry. Nadiya's team includes the best embryologists, genetics, doctors. Thanks to their efforts, our clinic is one of the leading in the world in IVF technology.

Our support

You can learn everything you need about our services directly from Nadiya specialists and consultants. We also provide free-of-charge medical advice to the clients you refer.

Money back program with 90% return

Our clinic offers the first oocyte donation money back program in Europe.We guarantee the return of 90% of the paid sum for the oocyte donation program in case we have not achieved pregnancy after 4 embryo transfers.

Pronuclear transfer revolutionary technique

Pronuclear transfer is a great choice for women younger than 42 years. The technique invented by our leading specialist Dr. Zukin allows women to avoid egg donation and have a baby with both parents’ genes. We are the first clinic in the world to successfully treat infertility with pronuclear transfer method. Clinics successfully using this method can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

World media about Nadiya - "New chapter in IVF"

“With the help of this method, a 34-year-old woman who had suffered from infertility for more than 15 years gave birth to a healthy baby that’s genetically her own.” Check what leading mass media say about our discovery.

250 professional doctors form a dream team

In Nadiya, the best doctors of Ukraine who have achieved worldwide recognition will accompany your pregnancy and guide you through the whole process.  

Patients from 34 countries use our help

We have helped couples from 34 countries of the world to become happy parents. We help you get pregnant even if other clinics said you can't.

Clinics and medical companies from all over the world work with us

USA, Canada, China, Israel, France, Switzerland are all among our partners. Nadiya and its' doctors are always among honored guests at various international conferences and seminars.

3200 $

3200 USD is the standard IVF package price in Nadiya and it is the lowest one among the leading IVF centres around the world.  

And of course let's speak about advantages of cooperation with Nadiya for your company:

10% referral fee

The price tag on our therapy packages ranges from $3,200 to $25,000, so you can make high profit from every sale.

Guaranteed payments

Funds are added to your balance after the client arrives at our clinic and purchases a treatment package. Once per month, we transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Growing earnings

To earn $3,000, usually several referrals are enough. However, we have no monthly limits. You are free to refer as many patients as you want and earn enormous money!

High conversion rate

Of the 100 patients that take advantage of our IVF treatment, 93 refer Nadiya to their friends. And these friends are added to your referral program.

Attractive special offers

In Nadiya, we run special offers for our patients on a regular basis. For instance, a  big discount is currently offered for some treatment packages. You can also offer all of our special discounts as your company’s unique proposition.

Passive income

We do our best to make our patients’ stay as comfortable as possible and provide top-quality treatment. This is what makes people return to us. And you get to keep referral fees from your patients’ each visit. The referral fee stays the same and some patients may visit us as often as three times.

Real help for your clients

Nadiya is a clinic that uses the most modern equipment, which is proved by the world fame of our doctors. Our doctors take only the patients they can help. They use only proven and latest methods of working with the embryo from the moment of in Vitro to in Vivo. 

All you need to earn the fee is to refer a patient. We will take care of the rest: appointments, medical advice, diagnostics, treatment and supplementary services.

Get a 10% share for each treatment package chosen by your patients

Why choose Nadiya?


Experience and expertise

Nadiya is a top IVF clinic offering fetal a full range of fertility services. With over 30 years of experience, our specialists have already helped thousands of patients. 

Satisfaction guarantee

97% of our patients are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment and refer us to their friends. 


Multiple packages available

We offer multiple treatment packages for our patients to choose whichever feels acceptable to them in terms of price and services included. We also provide supplementary services like transfer, hotel accommodations, meals, and sightseeing during IVF treatment in our clinic.

Safe treatment

Nadiya has all the licenses and patents necessary to offer IVF services. Our treatment is a safe, pain-free and effective. 


Become a partner of one of the best IVF clinics in the world and get an opportunity to help people have kids!

Ready to discuss our cooperation in detail? Contact us by phone or email:

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