Her Hollywood Heroes is a steamy reverse harem contemporary romance for readers who love suspense, protective males ready to do whatever it takes to protect their woman, and a headstrong heroine fighting for her life and the men she loves. This is a full length standalone with a Happy Ever After.

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Her Hollywood Heroes: A Reverse Harem Romance

A stalker has his sights on me. 

As an actress, I have fans that can get a little…obsessed.

So, my producer hires bodyguards.

Enter Gray, Jace, and Landon, three ripped Marines. Hiring them was strictly business, but just one night of weakness sets off a powder keg of sexual attraction. Their gruff protectiveness makes me yearn for more.

Gray, with his slow, sultry smile, likes to take his time. Jace is the quiet one. His eyes promise wicked nights. Landon is the sweet talker. His mouth sets my body on fire. 

Three powerful men…one incredible woman. No jealousy and no limits, as they vow to protect and claim her in the midst of a crazed fan hellbent on destroying her.

What the Reviews Say:

As the stalker escalates Caitlin grows closer to each of the guys but when her stalker gets hold of her will the guys be able to save her in time and catch the guy in the process? Wonderful characters and a story that has plenty of steam and heartwarming emotion.

Caitlin has a stalker and they come to help her out, all three of them have turns of being her bodyguard. All three of them have turns of taking care of her not only as a client but also as a lover.

Caitlin is a actress making a new movie and has a attracted a stalker. The studio executives decide they have to hire bodyguards to keep her safe. They hire three ex Marines to do the job. When Caitlin sees them they are all hot alpha muscled up men. They take turns guarding her but a mishap and things get personal with each one. They have different personalities but she loves them all. Will they be able to keep her safe and will they have a future?

This story has a lot of twists and turns throughout it. There is drama, suspense, mystery and of course hot romance. This is a great group of characters with Grayson, Jace, Landon, and Cait. The story is well written and the flow is superb. It will have you wanting to know how it ends. This is definitely worth reading.

Roma James did a great job on Her Hollywood Heroes, it had a great plot. Jace, Caitlin, Gray and Landon were great characters. Each of the men had a different way about them so Caitlin had a little of everything between her men. She had a strong connection with each one. Gray, Jace and Landon would do anything to protect their woman. The chemistry between them was steamy. They were great together.


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