How are you surviving this crazy world we are living in?

I’d like to say that life stuck at home with four kiddos is peachy, but I’d be lying. My eldest is fighting homeschooling every step of the way (is it summer yet), my three year olds have given up their naps (noooo!) and the one year is walking and into EVERYTHING. Additionally, I’ve been battling chronic pain that is going to necessitate surgery this summer =(

Because of this, I’ve been forced to move the release dates on two of my books back by a month (Reforming the Witch & Claiming the Witch). I apologize for the delay.

In more positive news, the audio book for Claiming the Nanny is out and the audio book for Claiming Her Mates Book One should be coming soon. Additionally, I’m working with some skilled designers on new covers for upcoming series (see the new cover for Claiming the Witch below)! The covers are gorgeous and I can’t wait until they are finished so I can share them with you.

Below are some new releases, giveaways, and freebies I can share!

Take good care,

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Newly Completed Series!

Watcher Academy

Everyone knows the story of Lucifer’s fall, the prideful angel who defied God and was punished for it. But few people remember the angels who fell with him. Satan might have found redemption, but what of his Watchers?

99 Cent Deal!

Brimstone Academy

I’ve always made terrible decisions when it came to men. And I’m going to make more terrible decisions. Four of them.

Brimstone Academy is a reverse harem fantasy series meant for mature readers who want to see terrible decisions turn into steamy situations

New Paranormal Prison Romance!

The Warden's Wolf

A vampire princess with a secret and a terrifying power. A werewolf Alpha out for revenge. Imprisoned by a past of spilled blood, trapped in a vicious circle of hatred, can they find freedom in the chains that bind them?

Fantasy Romance New Release!

Rebel Academy: Crave

The immortals risked everything to free me, and I’ll stop at nothing to protect them from the elitist princes who rule the reform school. Will my bond with the magical students and new friendships be enough to battle the dangerous rivalries, as well as the cruel professors’ schemes?

Or will I be forced back into the darkness…

New Academy Release!

Last Chance Academy

Welcome to Talonswood....Last Chance Academy is a full length reverse harem romance from Amazon top 100 best selling author Alex Lidell. Hot shifter-fae, delicious vampires, one lone witch. This isn't your normal reform school.

Paranormal Ghost Romance!


Not alive, not vampire, and not fully dead, Ivy has her life turned upside down and her eyes opened to the supernatural world around her. And when a young dead girl needs help, Ivy finds herself working with the two men she has feelings for. What else could go wrong?

Reverse Harem Pre-Order! 

Witch's Four

Every time a human casts a spell a fae pays the price. It's Delilah's duty to fix that. Collecting men and forging bonds between clans--what could be better? 

But allies aren’t always so black and white. Neither are enemies. Will Delilah know who to trust? Who to listen to? Who to take to her bed? Or will this new mate be their ultimate downfall?

99 Cent Pre-Order! 

Dark Arts Book One

Three sexy mages tormented by a deadly secret. Two worlds torn by a twisted legacy. One girl determined to choose her own fate.

This is a full-length reverse harem paranormal fantasy series with hints of Cinderella, and magic and steam meant for mature readers.

Coming Soon! Claiming the Witch

A witch. Her warlocks. And some sexy shifters...

As a Temple Guardian, I’m charged with protecting the local coven and the portal to the other realms. Seems simple enough, right?


The other Guardians are too afraid of my power to let me do my duties and the thousand-year-old succubus I share my body with is only interested in getting horizontal, vertical, and diagonal with anyone we meet.

I’m ready to throw in the towel on this job and arrange for a freaking exorcism when the apocalypse hits.

Now the only thing that matters is saving the coven from annihilation. Thank the Goddess I’ll have help from some sexy warlocks and shifters. If we can keep my inner succubus in check, we might be able to save the world. If we can’t, death will be the least of our worries...

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