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We are more than grateful for the energy and input of the global and local participants of the Forum. GLL is ready to take on the obligation to record and follow the progress of the ideas that got most attention and were charged with energy of action and implementation. You are all invited to join and contribute to the projects you care for. The LINK holds the ideas, their leaders and useful information.

GLL News

GLL Meeting Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis

GLL director Kotryna Stankute and co-founder, board member Mykolas Lepeška have discussed the opportunities of Lithuanian diaspora engagement together with the Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis. GLL believe that a strong, connected diaspora is essential for globally successful Lithuania. Shaping a well-coordinated national effort makes the future look bright! Follow the updates. More photos of the meeting - HERE

Shared Celebration of Lithuanian Anniversary

GLL has encouraged Lithuanians abroad to share the 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence - with communities around them. Renown artist, GLA Laureate, initiator of global street-art movement MALONNY in Marijampolė Ray Bartkus in cooperation with MMC-Modern Art Center in Vilnius will share the celebration with American public in the form of transparently lit traditional straw gardens placed in the most dynamic spots of Washington DC, New York and Chicago. Let contemporary expression of tradition be a new fashion! Video invitation to follow the lead.

LIETUVA³ Discussion “Religious or Modern - is This a Choice?”

On the December 6, 2017, GLL together with Law Firm Triniti organised the discussion about religion. During the discussion questions regarding the relation between religion and the state, religion and the modernity were raised. The panelists Algirdas Toliatas, Laurynas Peluritis, Milda Štukė and Rimas Šapauskas were also talking about interaction between the religion and the sense of identity. Here you can find recording and photos.

Talent for Lithuania - Join 2018 Spring Round

Is international talent attraction a part of your company's recruitment strategy? Talent for Lithuania programme has successfully helped many leading companies, organizations, and startups to attract 62 internationally experienced recent graduates and junior professionals. For the 6th time, we are getting ready for the new round of Talent for Lithuania program. Will your company help to kick-start young Lithuanians career in Lithuania? More information how to join OR contact us .

New Blockchain Center in Vilnius Created by Global Lithuanians

GLL is happy to congratulate Blockchain Centre Vilnius with a successful launch! We are proud to see our member, global Lithuanian Paulius Kuncinas at the very heart of the project and wish the whole team the best of luck! Join their initiatives and global Mentors Network ( Read more at 

Wrap-up of 9th Season of LT Big Brother

LT BB closed the season with inspiring stories of popular mentors. Three excellent speakers Viktorija Gečytė, Benas Poderis,  Mykolas Vildžiūnas shared their passions - music, painting and film making - and how they helped to shift their careers, and enrich own lives. Inspiring stories followed by soulful jazz performance took place at National Gallery of Art (NDG) with a sip of bevarage and a ton of good chats with old and new friends who where back in Vilnius for winter holidays. More photos

Lithuanian Professional Clubs at the Forum

Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad, their establishment and engagement in the economic and political life of Lithuania are the top priority of GLL. GLL views the annual Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals as the platform for actual demonstration of their potential in key sectors of Lithuanian development. Video interview with active connectors.

New Project for Youth Leadership in the Regions of Lithuania

GLL and Global Shapers Community have joined forces to accelerate youth leadership in the regions of Lithuania. We are happy to announce that in 2018-2019, around 30 events will take place in smaller towns engaging active youth  eager to generate a change in their hometowns. At the same time, the community of City Alumni, the active citizens who left their towns but are eager to contribute will become mentors to young active citizens back home.  

Laureates of GLA 2017 | Part 2:

Scientific Innovations to Lithuania - Linas Mažutis

After years of studies and work at Strasbourg and Harvard universities, in 2011, VU alumnus dr. Linas Mažutis came back to Lithuania and together with professor A. Janulaitis established the Laboratory of Microtechnologies working with droplet microfluidics. It became the point of attraction and learning facility for talented scientists. Besides, Linas and his students run biotechnological start-up Droplet Genomics“.

Global Experience to Lithuanian Regions - Dovydas Kaminskas

After studies and work in Denmark, Dovydas Kaminskas came back to his home town Tauragė upon the invitation of newly elected mayor. Thanks to his efforts,  Tauragė became the first Global Region in Lithuania with the special registration platform for all global Tauragė-borns. Besides, Tauragė joined sister-city platform UBC – United Baltic Cities and their projects.

Special Acknowledgement - Rotary Club of Chicagoland Lithuanians

Rotary Club of Chicagoland Lithuanians  was established in 2007 by the active community of Lithuanian enterpreneurs who have been using it as the platform for charity fundraising for numerous projects in Lithuania: insulin pumps for children with diabetes, mother-milk bank in Kaunas, rehabilitation centre of children with cancer in Vilnius and many more.

Lithuanian Names Famous Globally - Architects KILD

Project  of KILD - young talents Ivane Ksnelashvili, Petras Išora, Ona Lozuraitytė and Dominykas Daunys - was selected to design and construct Yangjaegogae Bridge over 11 line highway connecting two mountain ranges in Southern Seoul.  The selection panel paid attention to the integral nature of the project playing with natural surroundings and lansdcape of South Korea. Lithuanian project overwhelmed over 50 other international bids to get to the top with two more Korean teams.


LIETUVA³ Discussion “Lithuania: Next 100 Years” | February 13 | 6pm

Restored Lithuania is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence. GLL together with Law Firm TRINITI start  this year festive and invite you to participate in a discussion about  the vision for the next 100 years. How should a country with a centenary vision look like? What will Lithuania be like after another century? What should be our vision and mission? Mark the day and come or watch it on

Back to Vilnius Vol. 10 | February 13 | 7:30pm

On February 13, we are hosting our 10th Networking Event  and you do not want to miss this occasion! This time it is going to be a joint event and both parts are equally compelling:

6pm - the session of Discussion Club Lietuva³ at the Lietuvos nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka where we will be discussing  "Lithuania in Next 100 Years".

7:30pm - the fun moves to our usual place - Salionas where we will have a chance to carry on with the discussion or just network and get to know each other better. As always we will have many special guests so don't miss it!

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