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Happy Holidays everyone! I'm excited about my holidays because I get to see family that I haven't seen for a while (though I'll miss those who are staying home), plus I'll have full access to a hot tub! 

Before I head off to soak though, I have some news:

The Freedom Audiobook is finally here!

News from Desk and Field.

Three wonderful book collections for your child or grandchild to read during the holidays.

My favorite movie of the month. 

What happened when I changed my Windows password...


While cleaning the barn  at her new home, Jani sees a swirl of movement beside the black, twisted stone in the corner. The barn is haunted! With the help of a new friend, Jani sets out to solve the mystery behind the wild, angry spirit and set it free.

Listen to a free sample or Purchase at the links below. 

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News from Desk and Field
Two of my favorite things... writing and horses!
Writing News

No deals signed, but there has been more interest in the screenplays. I just sent off INFATUATION yesterday to another interested producer, so fingers crossed!

So I promised a little about where the idea for UNDERTOW came from...

Years ago, I went to Ireland and stayed for a month near the Cliffs of Mohar. Every day, after writing, I went out walking, and some days I got quite far. In my ramblings, I discovered all sorts of treasures... the cliffs of course, but also stone cottage ruins, portal tombs, gravestones so worn that they weren't readable anymore, some beautiful connemara ponies, and the biggest surprise of all, a grotto, St. Brigid's Well. 

I will always treasure that time, for the sights and sounds and experiences, but also for the creativity. I got two book ideas there. One has been published, first by Stabenfeldt, and then by my company, Enchanted Pony Books, and is called MYSTIC TIDE. Many of the things I saw in Ireland are in this book, and if you are interested in reading it, just click the picture above (for Amazon US) or go to your favorite online vendor.

The second inspiration was UNDERTOW, the story I am working on now. 

But... UNDERTOW will have to wait a month now. Christmas and the grandkids are calling (and that hot tub)!

Wishing you all the best Christmas and New Year ever! 

Twilight News

I was visiting my parents last May, helping my father work on his memoir, and I was feeling very nostalgic...

When I was younger, I wanted a career with horses. They were my passion. I planned to work hard after graduation to save money to go to the horse program at Olds College - but there was never enough money, and I eventually gave up on my dream. I still owned horses as I could afford them, and have been blessed in my life to have had two great equine loves, plus some awesome equine friends and acquaintances. But for the past ten years, even that hasn't been possible.  

So, at my parents' house, all this came down on me like a brick building, and I felt so sad about what might have been if I'd had the opportunity to indulge my chosen career. 

The next day, I went to visit my sister, Eva. Eva has been blessed with the resources to keep quite a few horses, and she shares my love for them. We were walking her fields, looking at her gorgeous cremellos, blacks, bays, and buckskins, when she pointed to a little filly, not two weeks old, and asked me if I wanted her. 

"Sure," I said. "But I can't afford her."

"She's a gift," said Eva.

And that is how Twilight and I found each other. My goal now is to find a place near my home where I can afford to keep her. Wish me luck!

Holiday Deals and Collections!

Three wonderful book collections for your avid young reader! Keep them happy this holiday season!

Middle Grade Fantasy

Simply a goldmine for young fantasy readers - ends Dec. 18.

Christmas Holiday Reading

Lots of books to keep your little angel reading - ends Dec. 16.

Eco Literature - Free eBooks

Promoting the value of all living beings - for all ages - ends Dec. 20. 

Middle Grade Fantasy
Books for the Holidays
Eco Literature
My Movie of the Month

I didn't see as many movies as I wanted to see in November - only four - but even then it was hard to choose! However, the choice must be made, and I choose FROZEN II - and not just because of the water horse (though it was definitely a factor). It's also a visually stunning movie and the story is excellent. I loved the themes about family and peace, and "doing the next right thing." It was a movie made for the likes of me. 

That being said, LAST CHRISTMAS is a lovely, surprising, warm-hearted movie. 

If you get a chance to see them both, do it!

Olaf's 'Scientific Facts'

Fact-checking Olaf's crazy statements... THREE are actually true! Which ones?

1. Water has memory.

2. Turtles breathe from their butts.

3. Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women.

4. People blink four million times a day.

5. Wombats poop in squares.

Check below for the answers!

Read the Stories Loved by Thousands of European Girls


The Horse Guardian stories are a little different from the usual juvenile horse books. When these books were published in Europe, they were called the Horse Angel books – and that’s a good hint as to what you’ll find inside. They are exactly the type of books I loved as a child: horses and girls bonding, lots of adventure and heart, and a touch of magic!

I truly believe that if you love stories about horses and the girls who love them, girls who conquer their obstacles by being brave, or smart, or kind, or finding skills they didn’t know they had, that you will love this collection.

Some Reviews:

"I LOVE books that place girls in strong protagonist roles and Dark Fire certainly does this. Ms. Dorsey has written a story about a young, determined girl who is fearlessly devoted to her friends, family and horses. She’s willing to risk anything to right the wrongs she sees. This makes Dark Fire an excellent book for young girls in particular.”

“Great story! I love the way Angela spins each of her stories. It's so easy to visualize what she's written.”

“It’s not every book that gets me to cry. This book has the perfect ending.” 

Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK

What Olaf got right:

2. Turtles breathe from their butts. Or some of them do, like the  Australian white-throated snapping turtle. It absorbs oxygen from water through its cloaca – a tube in its, well... butt. This helps them hide underwater from predators. But still, while Olaf is right, they get most of their air from their lungs. 

3. Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. Close enough. According to the stats, 85% of lightning strike victims are men.

5. Wombats poop in squares. The poop is more like slightly rounded cube shapes, but yup.

While changing my Windows password the other day...

Windows: Please enter your new password.

Me: bucket

Windows: Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.

Me: oat bucket

Windows: Sorry, the password must contain at least 1 numerical character.

Me: 1 oat bucket

Windows: Sorry, the password must not have blank spaces.

Me: 50bloodyoatbuckets

Windows: Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.

Me: 50BLOODYoatbuckets

Windows: Sorry, the password must not have consecutive capital letters.

Me: 50BloodyOatBucketsYouStupidIdiotGiveMeAccessNow!

Windows: Sorry, the password cannot contain a special character.

Me: IWillHuntYouDown50BloodyOatBucketsYouStupidIdiotGiveMeAccessNow

Windows: Sorry, this password is already in use.

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Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me. I'm wishing you all the Very-est, Merriest, and Brightest that you can handle this December!
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