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Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story, and everyone deserves books that speak to their experiences.

Books have incredible power to bring people together. Choosing a book is a meaningful act that has the potential to create positive change.

We can--and must--use that power to make the book world a welcoming and supportive place for readers and writers of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

We can make a real and immediate difference by choosing books by authors of color. We can start the change on our bookshelves and e-readers by opening ourselves to diverse stories.

In this special dispatch, I'm excited to introduce you to some truly amazing authors of color and ethnic minority. Connecting with them through the indie author scene, I have been so inspired by their stories.

I hope you'll see yourself represented in their books, or learn about experiences different from your own. These authors come from diverse backgrounds and write a wide variety of romance, fantasy and historical fiction. One thing they have in common--when you see their compelling books, you won't be able to resist!

Let's challenge ourselves to get these authors as many clicks, downloads, and reviews as possible!

Here are ways you can show you stand beside authors of color and value their work:

  • Download and read their freebies to experience their stories.
  • Buy their paid books to spend with conscience (if you're financially able).
  • Leave a review! Taking the time and effort to tell an author your thoughts on their book is one of the most valuable things you can do!
  • Sign up for their newsletters to get involved.
  • Connect with them on social media.
  • Share the love: tell your friends about the multicultural authors you're reading.
  • And watch for another special dispatch in July that will bring you more featured multicultural authors!

Let's do this!


Romantic Suspense & Thrillers
Kim Knight
Romance Set in Paradise series banner
Romance Set in Paradise

Havana Heat

Lover's Retreat

Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair

A series of steamy, suspenseful stand-alone novella length romances that transport you to thrilling locations around the world.

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365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers banner
365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers

Award-Winning author Kim Knight also shares her secrets on writing realistic, page-turning romance. So, romance writers around the world, grab your pen and your copy and get ready to write every day of the year and never run out of creativity.

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Historical Fiction
Kazuko Nishimura
The Goddesses of Japan cover
The Goddesses of the World Book 1
The Goddesses of Japan

The saga of the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan, narrated entirely by unsung heroines—goddess, sovereign, mother, wife, warrior, lover—all who enact in the forefront, or move in the background, to influence the fate of the country, changing forever the fabric of its society.

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The Goddesses of Brazil cover
The Goddesses of the World Book 2
The Goddesses of Brazil

The story of the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese, the beliefs of its indigenous population of the time, and the darkest swathe of the countries’ history – the enslavement of the black Africans. Packed with romance, the struggle to overcome prejudice and heroic fights to achieve freedom.

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Himiko the Warrior Queen cover
Short Story
Himiko the Warrior Queen

Empress Himiko of Ancient Japan is a brave queen who defies the odds and enters the realm of great legends.

Free Download
Secrets of the Mighty Amazon cover
Short Story
Secrets of the Mighty Amazon

Iurupari, the princess of an Amazonian tribe, is a warrior who fiercely defends her land.

Free Download
Paranormal Romance & Dark Fantasy
Sudha Kuruganti
Elemental cover
Elementals of India Prequel

A new adult historical romance fantasy, India, 1851.

Sparks will fly when East and West collide...

Free Download
Bloom cover
Elementals of India Book 1

A new adult urban fantasy set in India.

Magic. Wonder. Mystery. A love story almost two centuries in the making. And a faceless enemy lurking in the shadows...

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Together Forever cover
Short Story
Together Forever

A tale of horror inspired by Indian mythology.

Be careful what you wish for...

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Dark Things cover
Short Story Collection
Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Unusual tales inspired by Indian Mythology that blend dark fantasy, magical realism, horror, romance and humour to create intriguing stories that thrill—and chill.

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The Turing Point cover
An Interactive YA Sci-Fi Novella
The Turing Point

Can you survive the robot uprising in a post-apocalyptic world?

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Billionaire, Athlete & Celebrity Romance
A.K. Creek
Risk cover
A billionaire gangster romance short story

Now they must decide: Is their undeniable attraction worth the risk?

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BWWM Short Stories
The Sweet Matchmaker Series
The Billionaire's Matchmaker cover
Billionaire Romance
The Billionaire's Matchmaker

What if the matchmaker is his perfect match?

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A Match Made Sweet cover
Celebrity Romance
A Match Made Sweet

Can a bitter breakup lead to a sweet second chance?

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His Sweetest Match cover
Athlete Romance
His Sweetest Match

This player’s ready to settle down. But will karma let him?

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Romance & Women's Fiction
Rene Penn
Fake it Til She Makes It cover
A BWWM romantic comedy novella
Fake It Til She Makes It

An ex-boyfriend. A fake relationship. A weekend retreat. What can go wrong?

Free Download
Diverse Romance Review Copies banner
Review Copies for Request
Diverse and Multicultural Romance

These authors are offering review copies of romance novels in all sub-genres featuring multicultural, minority, diverse or African American characters.

Some of the books featured in today's dispatch are available through this promotion, if you're interested in becoming a reviewer!

Enjoy free copies of paid books and provide your voluntary, honest review.

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