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Who Moved My Oven?

Hey ,

We're the Cookie People from Dohful. As you might be knowing, we're a foodie Husband-Wife couple whose life revolves around kitchen & food. 

And to be honest, we're somewhat of a Kitchen Snob. There, I’ve said it. We're kitchen snobs.

We need a Chef’s Knife, Chopping board, an Apron, Mittens, and heavy bottom cookware before we start cooking. And when it comes to baking, an Oven (OTG) is a must.

In fact, the Oven is one of the most used equipment in our home kitchen. I use it to roast peanuts, char-grill tomatoes for the soup, make banana chips, and even to make Litti at home. So you can imagine, that I had never even thought about baking without this essential appliance previously.

Of course, as I do not live under a rock, I did know that various jugaads have been established in our Indian kitchens to bake without the oven. But I always thought of them as exactly that. A jugaad. Something I didn’t need to know much about.

What an oven is to the Indian kitchen, a Pressure Cooker is the exact opposite. It’s the lifeline of the Indian kitchen. It is used in all our homes every single day, multiple times a day. Come to think of it, I think I have never seen any Indian household without a pressure cooker. 

And lately, the humble pressure cooker has served all of us as a portable, perfectly fine oven

If you’re wondering why I’m raving about something that has been around for years, you’re probably right. Undoubtedly, our mothers have learned how to bake in the make-shift pressure cooker ovens and have graduated to ovens much later. 

But the pressure cooker baking as an art form has been revived during the recent lockdown. Without anywhere to go and not much to do, the nation had resorted to baking as a refuge from the unsettling circumstances around. 

And the lack of an oven (and no way to buy one), led to re-learning about baking in a pressure cooker in a large number of Indian households. 

This is also confirmed by the Google trends data of the search term ‘Pressure Cooker Cake and ‘How to Bake in a Pressure cooker’.

My first tryst with pressure cooker baking happened during the lockdown when I was taking an online baking class for young kids. The cake, even though made of biscuits had to be baked and almost nobody had an oven at their place. 

As most of the moms were new to baking too, I had to hand-hold them with baking in a pressure cooker while doing the exact same things on my end in a Zoom call.

I know the question you're wanting to ask, is it really possible to bake a good cake in a pressure cooker or is it just a gimmick by some bakers to get us to try their recipes?

Well, it turns out that yes you can bake a perfectly well-risen cake in a pressure cooker. You just have to keep a few things in mind - 

  1. The aim is to create an oven-like hot environment inside the cooker so we don't need steam or pressure here. Hence the whistle and the gasket is not needed. 
  2. Removal of the gasket is also important to maintain a healthy flow of air in and out of the cooker so as to not create a vacuum inside the cooker. 
  3. Place a lot of salt in the bed of the cooker. It will absorb all the extra heat, ensuring even baking on your cake. 
  4. Take the largest cooker you have for this. And ensure that there is at least 1-inch space between the walls of the cooker and the baking tin for the air to circulate through and create an even baking environment. 
  5. Keep the flame to the minimum and let it slow bake for about 45-50 mins without disturbing it at all for the first 30 minutes.

If you're looking for a recipe that can be baked in the pressure cooker, here is my favorite brownie recipe from yours truly Youtube endeavors

If you're interested in pressure cooker baking, or you know someone who is, do mail us back, and we can help with any doubts or clarifications that you might have. 

Pressure cooker baking is the first form of baking indigenous to India and I have a feeling we'll all be baking many more cakes in our pressure cookers than we have before! 

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