23 writing prompts to jumpstart your 2023 comms plan


Happy New Year! I hope 2023 is off to a good start for you. Before long, I suspect we'll all feel a heavy weight begin to lift. I do believe that a lighter year is just what the doctor ordered. 

For so many, the new year is a time to commit to good habits, resolve to do better, or let go of things that slow us down. If that's you, I've got a (predictable) resolution to add to your list:

Send more email in 2023. 

Effective emailing is far more productive than social media - and a lot cheaper than postage. Experts in the field suggest that this will be the year to double-down on email and spend less time and money on other outreach methods. So, if you're new to Bmail or just want a refresher, I've updated my writing prompts list to make your emailing goals easier. Instantly download it here (bonus points if you can spot the new prompt): 

If you need a second resolution (I see you, overachievers), may I also suggest updating your website? Or, at least refreshing the most important pages: home, about, donate and/or join? A well-maintained, professional website adds trust to your brand and prevents visitors from thinking twice before clicking your donate button. 

Personally, I'm working on some priorities for 2023 (this time, they do not include a running streak). A few family members and I are working on a "75 Kinda Hard" challenge for health and fitness, I have a new project up my sleeve, and I'm hoping to help even more nonprofit clients this year.  

The word/theme I'm choosing for 2023 is: Occupy. As in, fully inhabit. I'm hoping to develop better boundaries, protect my schedule, do more of the things I enjoy, and generally claim a bit more space.   

The good news and bad news are the same: 2023 is totally TBD. So, I'll close out this email by repeating the same words I sent to you at the beginning of 2022: 

If you’ve made resolutions, I’m rooting for you. If you’ve adopted a theme for this year, I wish you the best in living it. If you’re simply taking things as they come, you’ve got my support there, too. Bottom line, try to enjoy the next 360 days, no matter what they bring. And I promise I will, too.

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