Bye bye Life of an Ambitious Millennial

My old group is gone

Well, the old name is. That's right! My group is no longer called Life of an Ambitious Millennial.

On my birthday this week, I changed the name. We are now, Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs!

I've wanted to change the name for a while because the name of your group is important, especially if you want group growth.

Here's what to think about when choosing your group name:

Is it searchable? There are people searching all over for the right group. Does your group name include a keyword or phrase that your potential client is searching for? If not, you might want to change it.

Does it convey your message? What is it that you do or consider yourself an expert in? Make that apart of your group name. Get the people who want what you're doing into your group by making it the first thing they see.

Does your target audience know it's for them? Be sure your name doesn't exclude the wrong people or make the wrong people feel welcomed? Figure out who you want in your group and don't be afraid to throw that in the name!

Already have a group name and wondering if it's hurting your growth? Don't be afraid to change it.

After the change, I got someone into the group through searching within hours! Plus 10 new members since!

Want some brainstorming help? Reply your group name to this email! I'll give you a tip on your name.

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