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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! Thank you for reading last week's newsletter and for making my return to Youtube so warm and welcoming! It was great to see new and old names and faces in the comments. Although I don't have the time to answer everyone personally, I do read every comment. Youtube is a different place now than it was a year ago when I was still making videos regularly, but I'm motivated to learn and get back in the swing of things.

This past week I filmed 6 videos and will be working away through the weekend to edit and upload them. As usual my Patrons get a sneak peek ahead of the Youtube premiere, but I'm excited to already have content for the next couple of months.

During my editing breaks I've also been updating my sale pages and adding new stuff to my shop - more info below!

Gemini Longline Review & Comparison!

This video is a little longer than my typical review, because I not only show you the features of my new Gem Longline corset line in depth, but I also demonstrate the differences between the hourglass longline, as well as the original length Gemini - so consider it a masterpost with everything in one place! And you get to see the enchanting iridescent colorways up close and in motion.
The written version of this review will be completed soon on my blog, but in the meantime this video has auto-generated captions for those who need it.

Click to watch the Gemini Longline review!

Updated Ebay Corset Finds

Ebay Corset Finds page has been updated with newly listed corsets, including this incredible one of a kind sample overbust made by one of the attendees for the Oxford Conference of Corsetry last summer (it's seriously underpriced).

Also added are a Morgana Femme Couture underbust, a Batman themed corset, a leather trimmed piece by Octaviana, and several corsets have been relisted at a lower price!

And if you've been skeptical about how I find these Ebay deals and whether you can trust them, I've also released a Patreon post on how exactly I hunt for (and verify) that these corsets are the real deal, as well as how to find such deals on your own. Read it now at the $5 level!

Or, you know, trust my process blindly and see the cool finds below. :p

Click to see Lucy's Ebay finds
Metallic and Mesh Colorways added to my shop!

Quite often I get an email asking "Hey Lucy, I love this one specific corset from TT but I can't find it in your shop. Are you able to sell me this one?"

And the answer to that is almost always YES! The only corsets I don't carry are the Novice (formerly "Lite") corsets, but the other corsets I can absolutely carry and price-match. Here's what's recently been added to my shop:

Fine Mesh in Any Corset Length & style!

This is a made-to-order item - choose hourglass, Libra, or Gemini and your size, and we will make your wish come true!

$89 - $109
Mesh wishes come true
Gemini Conical Rib: Aged Gold Brocade

This is the straight rib and original length version - with antique brass hardware (busk and grommets) for a perfect finish.

Conical Rib Gem
Gemini Round Rib: Aged Gold Brocade

This is the straight rib and original length version - with antique brass hardware (busk and grommets) for a perfect finish.

Round Rib Gem
Gemini Round Rib: Metallic Scales Brocade

Shimmer and shine in this gorgeous silver and gold brocade with a feather / scale motif (lighter and brighter than the aged gold).

Oooo Shiny
Hourglass Longline - Aged Gold with Swinghooks

Steampunk does sophistication with antique brass swinghooks and hardware.

Say Swinghooks again
Hourglass Overbust - Aged Gold Brocade

With 3 bust sizes and 11 waist sizes, we will have you covered - and lifted, supported, and cinched as well.

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