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Flash Report
Wednesday 09 September 2020
Waterfall at sunset
Southern area of the Bab el Mandeb, Gulf of Aden


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Incident Details

Incident Type: Suspicious Approach

Location: Southern area of the Bab el Mandeb

Source: Clearwater

Incident Date: 09 Sept 2020, 0600 UTC

Lat/Long: 12:22:07N – 043:48:00E

Alert Number: 986

Incident Description

It has been reported that a Tanker has been approached whilst underway in the southern area of the Bab el Mandeb. One high-speed craft, with ten persons on board, approached the Tanker and requested her to stop via VHF radio. The Captain increased speed, carried out lockdown procedures and the onboard Armed Security Team took position on the Bridge. The craft approached from the port side and came to within 0.4nm before aborting her approach, weapons were also seen onboard. Prior to approaching the Tanker, the craft had approached a bulk carrier. They tried communicating via VHF radio requesting specific information about the vessel and informing them that they were the Yemen Coastguard.


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