"I think I've always had a disconnect from what I'm supposed to be like."

-Kristen Schaal


Most of my weekdays and a bit of Saturday is for the day-job work stuff. A bit on Monday and more and more on Thursday to Sunday is the artwork/computer work stuff that's more what I'm about.

The sweet spot.

The sweet spot has to be Saturday morning when I've come back from work, cleaned up, slept for 2 hours and am ready to attack the artistic stuff for the week with no 'day job' until Monday at 10am.

Sometimes you forget though. A busy schedule doesn't result in a happy contented life. In fact, it fosters this feeling of taking action without making any progress. I think we've all felt like that at one time or another: the wheels bogging us down. Is the answer to spin those wheels harder, apply more gas, throw it into low gear? Or to abuse the car trip analogy a moment longer, do you whip out the road map and make a quick assessment?

Take me back...

Way back in 1991 I went through a leap of faith phase in my life. I found myself in a crappy life, crappy job, crappy apartment in a city I had grown tired of (Minneapolis). A city where I grew up in the suburbs, there was nothing there that looked appealing in the long run. The 'leap of faith' was where I shot my mouth off to my Dad and said 'geez, I'd rather live in San Francisco or something.' He said, 'Well, then move to San Francisco.'

I got ready to move across country.

Compare and contrast.

October 1991

Minneapolis got hit with the worst early winter snow in memory: Trick or Treaters were wearing parkas, I couldn't close the screen door to my crummy apartment, too much snow.

December 1992

I laid on my futon in my San Francisco apartment staring up at the ceiling, remembering that week's work at the art gallery/workshop shuttling framed artwork to Fisherman's Wharf, bright sunny day, nice weather, hearing he sea gulls and clang clang of the cable cars.

It all happened because I said a thing or two I couldn't back out of. I drove across country.


The happiest time of my life.

Sometimes you got to jump out of your skin, observe your life objectively and distance yourself from direct involvement. You got to get free.

I'm not selling anything below the line this time...

... disconnecting.

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